Daily Duo: Abla



With a father from Somalia and a mother from Yemen, Montreal born Abla is absolutely fabulous. Taking it slow with her new career as she is still at college (studying Humanities), Abla has a great personality and is highly motivated – great qualities for an up and comer. Still unplaced outside of Canada, Abla’s delicate yet exotic beauty is sure to create a buzz with agents and clients. The big question is where will she land next?


Full Name:
Abla Ahmed Osman

176 cm / 5’9.5″


Date of Birth:
June 27


Mother Agency:
Folio Montreal

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  • poo

    She’s the definition of pretty. And a Somali homegirl to boot–yay!

  • HH

    Youre right. Absolutely fabulous!! 2nd pic is perfect, wish her the best

  • I really love her face!

  • Stunning indeed!

  • Phil

    Wow, she is absolutely stunning! She will be great!!

  • miguel

    runway model…looks like a little Iman. She’s stunning and elegant, and very commercial.

  • Rrraul415

    Undeniably beautiful, but missing something…

  • erika

    Exotic, sensual & beautiful – love Somalians!

  • She’s stunning and has a lot of potential.


  • Gstarmike


  • mimi

    Wonderful bone structure indeed. She would be great for runway and commercial print. Im excited to see more of her.

  • unique bone structure , really beautiful , a lot of potential btw ! @marsycha


    The most beautiful of dark skinned models !

  • Brad

    Such a nice nature too. All the best Abla!

  • V

    Oh, wow! What strange beauty. Love her eyes. The third picture is almost alien. Certainly a lot of potential.

  • Abdi

    Her Somali features are showing. Beautiful. The Somalis are a homogeneous tall people, with aquiline features, high cheekbones, long necks, elongated heads, light brown to black skin. Somali women are known for their beauty worldwide. If Somalis weren’t a conservative people, maybe many would be running the runways. Perhaps also model scouts aren’t paying attention.

  • Brian

    The truth!

  • Stunning beauty! Especially in that frontal pic where she’s holding back her hair a little. I was blown away by that one a while back when I first saw it and months later, it’s still as beautiful a photo as I’ve seen. Others may match it but it will take something really special to get one better.