Daily Duo: Jing



With endlessly long, lithe legs, a fabulous nose and delicate dolly features, Jing is totally alluring. Discovered in 2010 after entering a model contest, Jing has captivated the local Chinese market, appearing in magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Jing’s features are unique, so she has successfully worked in Singapore and attended agency meet and greets in New York. Fluent in English as well as Chinese, Jing will be back to New York for the upcoming show season, ready to stamp fashion with her own brand of realness. Jing has arrived… cha-ching!


Full Name:
Jing Wang

178 cm / 5’10″”


Date of Birth:
September 4


Mother Agency:

Wilhelmina New York

Why Not Model Management

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  • kitkat

    She has done some shows in NYC and Europe. She looks different on the runway though than in her portfolio.

  • evr


  • Matsu

    Totally enthusiastic about this girl. She is just different & a clear stand out from the rest :D

  • nympho

    and her boyfriend is freaking handsomeļ¼

  • erika

    Wow, wow & wow!! I’ve never seen such perfect model legs… infinitely long! Did I mention her perfect face too?

  • yanka


  • so fucking versatile

  • Sedh


  • HH

    Gorgeous. Angular face…amazing look. Can pull out almost anything! Good luck!

  • Cathy

    She’s so beautiful! I wish I was that tall and beautiful..

  • hmm

    Her portfolio looks great but not feeling her polaroids. She looks completely different and not in a good way.
    Her legs and body is amazing though!

  • KJ

    Such a wide range of looks! Amazingly versatile and beautiful. Look forward to seeing more of her, show us more!

  • caitlin

    she’s amazing!