Daily Duo: Clancy



Originally from Dawson Creek (but unfortunately not the one with Pacey, Jen, Joey and Dawson) in Canada, Clancy is now in Los Angeles to further his burgeoning model career. And according to LA agency DT Model Management, the phone just hasn’t stopped ringing since Clancy came to town. Scouted in an Edmonton shopping mall at the age of 16, Clancy waited 3 years before finally signing with mother agency Mode Models. And like a fine wine, Clancy has only improved with age. This is a boy with mass appeal – the body, the ultra masculinity softened by just a hint of innocence… Clancy is the kind of kid that just works. Soon coming to a major city near you (well, New York and Milan, anyway!), get prepared to totally fancy Clancy.


Full Name:
Clancy Sigalet

184 cm / 6’0″


Date of Birth:
March 27


Mother Agency:
Mode Models

Independent Men

Los Angeles:
DT Model Management

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  • he looks beautiful he already for model

  • Clancy is absolute perfection! The face, the physique, and this marvelous natural masculine vibe makes this kid a real classic! A Standout to be watched!

  • wow, perfect. !

  • ilovenyc

    Wow! This kid is a star! They have some gorgeous models in LA! Just saw the website! Fantastic board! Cheers from London!

  • miguel

    not so editorial, i find him very commercial, and lingerie…of course.

  • flawless face..maybe some lighter blonde hair to make him stand out more.

  • Scott

    He needs to go easy on the jaw clench when he profiles. You can spot it a mile away.

  • Laura

    I See him Doing Calvin Klein

  • Mike Benoit

    Clancy, you goofball too bad you’re not as good at soccer as you are at modelling eh.

  • evr

    big potential

  • evr


  • Giorgio Armani we have a new global campaign boy for you!
    More of a generic male musculinity ads will suit him, don’t let him near editorial bookers though x)

  • tuba

    Elegant look, hot ogles and attractive body . i love him indeed

  • Joe

    I can see him working well in Los Angeles