Bam! A guy who can slam dunk from the free throw line cannot be ignored – and Broderick has our total attention. Entering modelling after a gut wrenching decision to quit basketball, Broderick was scouted by agent Michael Maddox in LA. Broderick is the embodiment of West Coast cool; a little bit hard edged, a little bit retro, and a whole lot chiselled finesse. With the versatility to channel his inner Ricardo Tubbs, through to carrying luxe high end fashion with enviable ease, Broderick has it covered. Recently in Milan where he walked for DSquared, and with shoots for Italian GQ and Paris Vogue done and dusted, Broderick won’t be warming the bench in this upcoming season.


Full Name:
Broderick Hunter

188 cm / 6’2″”


Date of Birth:
January 3


Mother Agency:
Michael Maddox

Soul Artist Management

d’management group

Los Angeles:
LA Models (runway) / NTA Models (print)

Chosen Management

Wilhelmina Models at Mondrian

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  • alex

    Hes very beautiful and his facial expressions are awesome, but i think his enormous size is making him look actor-ish. if he slimmed down his career would take off!

  • Ricky

    The NEW Tyson B? I can see Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, maybe one of the new faces of a fragrance in his future. I Can’t wait to see more of Mr. Broderick

  • Erica

    I like him A LOT! Wasn’t he in the Ciara video? He should do well. Kind of a “sexy” vibe; not really super HIGH fashion (not saying he can’t do it…) either way, whether its runway or TV..I’M A FAN

  • evr

    liking the very strong look!

  • B.L.

    Yes! He can warm my bench!

  • Handsome fellow…

  • E.T.E.

    Fit with great lips! Can see him doing well in lingerie and commercial. Good luck!
    More ethnic models!

  • Susan

    I could see him walking for Ricardo’s Givenchy, Ck Underwear, maybe even a Ralph Lauren Campaign in the future…
    I like his look..

  • miguel

    No, not very editorial, in my opinion.

  • Lee

    David Agbodji and O’Shea Robertson had a child and his name is Broderick

  • Hot. Great body.

  • Lance

    Not sure about “editorial” work…but if modeling doesn’t wok for this kid…theres a new MOVIE STAR and his man is Broderick Hunter. Good thing basketball didn’t work out, because he’s a definate STAR off the court. Good luck..

  • Gloria

    If he slimed down a tad…he’d be the next sensation

  • Miguel, Erica… Watch him prove you wrong…

  • JD

    I’m in Love!!! Awesome Face

  • Frankie

    I like his look a lot but not SOO much “model” like…handsome fella but I see him being more on television over the runways and editorials.
    Just my opinion…

  • Silhouette

    Gorgeous. Amazing. He will be the next Tyson. I can guarantee you of that.

  • Travis

    I like this kids features…looking forward to his work. I call a CK Underwear campaign in the mix …
    Good luck Broderick

  • Greg

    Very soft and elegant feel…idk how he will do in the modeling work (he seems a bit big) but that face is to DIE for. I see more acting in his future over fashion. So far, I like Mr. Hunter

  • BRT

    Lovely kid that im excited for and to be honest this is the type of excitement the fashion industry needs right about now! I was tired of seeing the same thing time and time again. I wish him success!!!

  • Tory

    FINALLY! Something different. I’ve been waiting for something and THIS is it. Much success to him

  • I love him.

    He is a really good model, with lots of pentential and he has charisma.

    He is definitely one to watch.

    Follow me on Twitter. @Frankie_Youje

  • True2one

    Wow!!! Great looking guy! I can see him on the cover of billboards, magazines…very successful modeling career. Strong facial features and well done on keeping the body in shape! Looking forward to seeing much more of you. Much Success!

  • Travis

    NEW FACE? I’ve seen him plenty in this industry… He already has notability. Not to mention a GREAT Look. If he’s not a future STAR…idk who is. That’s just my opinion.

  • Carol

    I really like his look and I REAALLY hope he does well…
    Idk if I’m the only one that thinks this….but
    Whoever reps him has someone special

    Good luck

  • Henry Jacobs

    Wow! They still make them like this?! He’s one of a kind. I don’t want to set limitations but I can see him doing Givenchy and CK.
    I hope he does well. He’s a tad bit buff for fashion BUT in a good way. Something different..

  • Janet

    I’ve been following his work for not too long and he gets better and better and better… I’m falling in love. Hope he reaches super model status one day. Good luck Broderick

  • Lisa

    A new star!!! Hopefully I’m not the only that sees it..,

  • Nate

    On the list with Tyson Beckford, Corey Baptiste And David A….there’s a new member and his name is BRODERICK HUNTER. I can’t wait to see his accomplishments..
    I never heard of him til now and im new fan. I hope he does VERY well..

  • Charles

    Great Face….body…
    He will do great for Givenchy and Ralph Lauren. Hopefully the pick him up

  • Princeton

    First word: super
    Last word: Star

    IM A FAN

  • Stephanie

    I’ve seen the future and his name is BRODERICK HUNTER

  • Rubiii

    Great model ….i say: yeah!

  • Larry

    Wow!! Great model! Not sure how he’ll do on runway but ill book him for PRINT anyday

  • Bradley

    Yes! Yes! And YES!!

  • Christine

    Is it safe to call him the next big thing?

  • Eric

    Great eyes…skin…charisma…
    He’s a full package….
    Good luck to him

  • Fernando


  • Sandra

    I know he will go all the way because you put God first. Way to go BRODERICK I’m so proud of you.

  • Charisse

    Down right AMAZING!!

  • LavishLife

    Super model/Top Actor Worthy! All bids in from me to say this guy is the new SENSATION!

  • Grant

    Omg!!! Yeeeeeeesssss yesssss! Givenchy needs to pick him up ASAP’ more models like this please

  • Valerie

    Newest edition to the super model family. Great look

  • Chaz

    Amazing look! Flat out incredible. A very NYC type of vibe, yet a call cool commercial look..with a Paris fashion week edgy presents.
    What I’m trying to say is…HE’S a package. Him and Rob Evans would be a great duo

  • Nicole

    Wow!!! Just now seeing this!! The new Tyson B?! I’d like to see him Ralph Lauren

  • Gregory

    A STAR IS BORN!!!!