Daily Duo: Tornie



Very new and very promising, Tornie is one of FM Agency’s next generation of budding beauties. Scouted in Zara in her hometown of Cambridge, this Brit babe has a look that is definitely not run of the mill. With idiosyncratic features and fabulous, lustrous, long tresses, Tornie is destined for a lot of attention. Home-schooled and already booking editorial, Tornie is nothing less than intriguing.


Full Name:
Tornie Upton

175 cm / 5’9″”


Date of Birth:
December 15


Mother Agency:
FM Agency

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  • izabella

    I like her. And I adore her hair, that is exactly the length that I am going for.

  • timberlike

    beautiful hair & amaazing eyes but don’t like her nose!

  • Iris

    nice but nothing unique for me

  • evr

    interesting look. the hair is epic!

  • Tori

    she’s pretty. she kinda reminds me of candice swanepoel

  • Dominic Ciccarelli

    I agree with the person who said she looks like candice swanepoel… very interestingly pretty girl.

  • she looksalike candice!

  • Nadia

    She look a like Ymre Stiekema espeacially in the second picture._.

  • Sash


  • Laura

    Wow,Love Love Love Her.

  • Andie Arthur+Maud Welzen+Romee Strijd = THIS

    She’s very intense looking, I love when models give it up in Polaroids :)
    I seriously see her at Chanel for some reason.

  • she doesn’t remind me of candice; candice has more cat like eyes and a smaller slimmer nose and her lips are bigger

  • Shirley-ann. ball

    She is stunning her nose is fine ”don’t say anythink if you don’t half nothink nice to say” think she’s goin places a face you will not forget!!!!!!x