Daily Duo: Dina



From the seaside city of Odessa, Ukraine, Dina was discovered by Michael Sray (Image Discovery) whilst walking along the shore. Dina’s beauty is outside the box – although quite low key, this girl can transform into glamourous in a blink. Sort of sullen, serious and a little sulky, Dina has been developing her book in Tokyo and is off to Milan and Paris in February. We love Dina’s titian tresses and smattering of freckles as well as her super long legs. This young one has the potential to develop into a runway and editorial sensation.


Full Name:
Dina Yakubovskaya

177 cm / 5’9.5″”


Date of Birth:
January 15


Mother Agency:
Image Discovery

Bon Image Corp.

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  • Max

    I donĀ“t see something

  • miguel

    She’s cool, there is something interesting about her. She looks like a young Maggie Rizer.

  • those freckles are killer

  • Felix Zacharov

    I love her freckles!!!!!!!!

  • JuanKyle

    this is classical beauty . she looks like a girl in the renaissance paintings

  • HH

    Absolutely agree withe 5th comment. Exactly what I thought. Polas are not so impressive