If you were to look up the word “viking” in a dictionary, you may well come across Caspar’s headshot. This Nordic newcomer has the fierce warrior presence of his Swedish ancestors – and yet he is also very current and very modern. An artist and painter from Gothenburg, Caspar was discovered in New York City by an agent from Q Model Management. Currently in Milan (with Why Not) and travelling in Europe to gain fashion experience, with his great bone structure, piercing blue eyes and strong personal style, Caspar is a model natural. And we can’t help but think of him as the high fashion version of Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy – and that’s one patch over party we don’t want to miss.


Full Name:
Caspar Peteus

186 cm / 6’1″”


Date of Birth:
July 7


Mother Agency:
Q Model Management NY

Why Not Model Management


  • Not on the guest list

    He’s amazing but his look is super especific, I mean, I can see him as a Givenchy guy, because last fall Riccardo use models with beards, and also he has that Givenchy strikness

  • <3

  • What a great look! He really has something special, I see him doing well in editorials

  • JD

    IN LOVE WITH him. Gorgeous

  • erika

    Sorry, but only Andresz Pejic can get away with this type of long-haired look. I’m not seeing much potential here.

  • Gorgeous, but he does look like a beefed up version of Berthold Rothas.

  • ford

    I love his look! Wow!

  • Estefania

    He’s perfect from EVERY ANGLE! EVERY!

  • Rafael

    Absolutely beautiful!
    Wish I could photograph him…

  • ооооооо cool guy !!!

  • Courtney Bailey

    omg he’s hottt

  • miguel

    He’s stunning, but nothing special in my opinion.

  • evr


  • marie

    Oooh, Thor of Asgard himself :D

  • How old is he?

  • ffiend

    my boyfriend is a Swede too, they all have such exotic eyes & beautiful flawless skin. I <3 the Swedish.

  • just curious

    Is he the techno viking guy?:)

  • Emma Lundquist

    Erika! Have you never listened to real good music or read about the Vikings? Have you missed the lord of the rings, games of thrones or the Middle Ages? Long hair is 100 times more natural than short hair. it symbolizes the past, future and Tales. The story behind is important!

  • Roger

    He’s really unique looking; his hair, eyes, paleness…everything. He does look like a Viking, in a good way of course.

  • blownaway

    that’s exactly what I thought, when I saw him at the airport. he looks like a high fashion version of Jax Teller / Charlie Hunnam!!! absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! :)

  • He’s absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about him, pretty blue eyes, blond hair, beautiful fair skin, nice body. He’s the total package! I’ve always love the Scandinavian look in guys. I wish he was my boyfriend. I love him.<3<3<3

  • Nadya

    He’s perfect

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