Gaspard is a French lad with gasp worthy beauty! Add that to the fact that Gaspard is also a musician, and his look channels the young, very cool 60’s French pop icon Jacques Dutronc. Masculine but without the brawn, Gaspard’s beauty is very now, and very relatable.


Full Name:
Gaspard Menier

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Châtellerault, France

Date of Birth:
August 22 1988


Mother Agency
Angels & Demons Models Paris

  • guglielmo

    oh boy you’ve left me speechless

  • jluc

    Yes, one can’t be mistaken: he’s French.
    There’s something in him which makes him speak in my mind… and I can tell he has a sharp French accent. The looks tell it all.

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …totally charming.

  • Very sexy beautiful!

  • He has some mixture of smallville Superman (Tom Welling) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)
    Very beautiful.

  • Joe

    jaw dropping

  • Natalia

    Oh God , he looks so perfectly .

  • Nigel S.

    Now there’s a guy! He looks great. Je ne se qua.

  • JJ

    Robert Pattinson!!!

  • Hayley Benoit

    I Want him… Beauts

  • Beatriz

    stunning eyes

  • so speeeeeechleeeesss!

  • piwi

    Beau! J’adore son visage, ses yeux, parfait!

  • tj




  • Noah

    Is it just me or does this guy just look semi-average?

  • ryan radcliffe

    He makes me happy to be french

  • Iris

    Omgsh.. He is absolutley STUNNING, perfect face, right length, beautiful eyes!!.
    I LIKE

  • Lise

    He actually looks like a cross between 3 guys:

    1. Tom Welling (Smallville), which someone has already mentioned but only at certain angles.
    2. Robert Pattison, when RPattz is at his best cuz this guy is much better looking.
    3. Gael Bernal Garcia, he resembles him the most I think.

    Very classically European looking and very handsome indeed with definitely a musician/artist edge to him!

  • Laura

    GOD! He’s gorgeous!! and what a mouth! PERFECT, really.

  • Laura

    oh.. i forgot telling about his smile and eyebrows!! I love it!

  • mmm scrumptious, why haven’t i run into this specimen while traipsing round paris?

  • malila

    fresh new face

  • Bruno

    puta q pariu, e lindo cara *-* lindo demais !!

  • Lennon


  • zoemahn

    my god, he is so incredibly attractive.

  • zoemahn

    p.s why have i not seen him before?

  • Rachel

    Another hottie by the name of Gaspard! (the other, of course, being Ulliel). I am totally digging his look- a combination of Jon Kortajarena and Tom Welling; he’s even got a little Chris Pine/ James Marsden thing going on there. NEW FAVE :)

  • HH

    OMG definitely marketable.

  • HH

    For GAP maybe?

  • his eyes are perfect

  • he’s so cute and sexy

  • hot!! check out his photoshoot with alexa chung and jon kortajarena!!


    Et dire que je le connais ..
    Bien joué Gasp, tu es de plus en plus beau ! :)

  • Meredith

    DORIAN GRAY. He looks just like how I imagined Dorian Gray when I was reading it (who I couldn’t imagine as a blond, despite the constant description of him). If only he was an actor too!

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