Daily Duo: Tamy



So tough she could rust, Swiss miss Tamy is a total enigma. People try to guess her genetic background very frequently, but not many get it right. Three quarters Swiss, one quarter Nigerian, Tamy is the total crossover package. Kind of like Andrej Pejic (but in reverse), Tamy has totally embraced her androgyny and ability to genderbend, and hopes to explore the both sides of fashion by modelling both men’s and womenswear. Signed by Ford Models Europe, Tamy recently walked the runways for Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier, both designers known for their love the atypical. And, yes, Tamy’s look is an acquired taste, but with her fantastic bone structure, understated elegance, and innate coolness, this girl has no limits.


Full Name:
Tamy Glauser

Dark Blonde
180 cm / 5’11”
86 cm / 34″
62 cm / 24.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Bern, Switzerland

Date of Birth:
January 2


Mother Agency:
Izaio Models

Ford Models Europe

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  • Gstar Mike

    Amazing Face she will make it very far..

  • erika

    I’m rather confused regarding this girl… yes, she has height, yes she is “interesting” looking… but what type of range will she have? Unless this is just another addition to the “Dragon Tattoo” crew, I have little faith in potential for her.

  • evr


  • Love her!

  • MIsha

    OMG! She is amazing! LOve LOve LOve!!!!

  • OMG! Awesome !!!

  • eek

    I don’t know…girls with shaved heads are tough to judge. Often when their hair grows out, their uniqueness dissipates and you realize they don’t really stand out. Just look at Ehren Dorsey.

  • kev

    she already divides! people will love or hate her.. but no one just wont care! she’ll get far!

  • tara

    can’t wait to see more of her!! AMAZING!!!

  • N.N.

    gorgeous. ^^

  • kim

    where did you find her/him? AWESOME!!

  • KUDD


  • Coco

    woaaaah theereee her look is phenomenal if I was a designer she would be my muse hands down

  • VS

    she┬┤s brave for sgree with this hair and look!

  • I met this Wonderful lady today in person – what ma remarkable human being with amazing energy. People like her truly deserve all the fame