Daily Duo: Socrates



Named after one of the founders of Western philosophy, this Socrates hails from Russia, not Ancient Greece. Signed to LMA in St Petersburg, Socrates got into modelling thanks to a photographer friend. Hard bodied, hyper masculine yet sleekly modern, Socrates is a classic find for high fashion and urban luxe. An American football fan, this tough teen sustained an injury that sidelined him – thankfully, he has now turned his focus to fashion. ‘I know that I know nothing.’ That’s what the original Socrates said, or Aristotle, or one of those old dead white guys. Well, we certainly know one thing – this Socrates is about to kick off a global career.


Full Name:
Suhrate (Socrates) Mirzarbaev

186 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Date of Birth:
January 14


Mother Agency:

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  • Mark

    Nicolas Ripoll lookalike TBH

  • Dain

    What a man!

  • the first pic is amazing great face and great body. I do see him doing perhaps quite well on campaigns and editorials but I don’t see the runway walker yet. His nose is a bit strong but his ethnicity makes him interesting I think.

  • So perfect !

  • N.N.

    he is so excellente. ^^

  • Felix Zacharov

    I love him, that’s all!

  • izabella

    perfect. He is one of a kind.

  • It’s amazing how his name suits his ethereal beauty and well-sculpted body. Great guy!

  • Helene

    Possibly the most beautiful guy i’ve ever seen!