Hailing from South Central LA, the place that gave us Dr Dre, Eazy-E, and the Williams sisters, to mention just a few, Geron was discovered recently when his cousin submitted his photos to several agencies. A fan of baseball, riding ATVs, and poker, Geron sure knows how to hold ’em – and he’s certainly holding our attention with his 70s retro beauty (we’re thinking Gil Scott-Heron). Brand new and signed with Click LA, in the army reserves and a volunteer at homeless shelters in downtown LA, Geron is no ordinary teenager. With his raw masculinity, depth, and presence, Geron has something special to offer to the fashion world. Straight outta Compton!


Full Name:
Geron McKinley

188 cm / 6’2″

Place of Origin:
Compton, California, USA

Date of Birth:
November 27


Mother Agency:

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  • Geron is stunning!!!! Such magnificent bone strucutre, deeply expressive eyes and a strength of countenance that is quite exceptional! This kid is a def. winner!!!

  • Tine

    Super cool

  • erika

    Obviously great height & body, but he’s a bit heavy & thick-featured for my taste… will be difficult to capture an “elegant” shot from many angles.

  • he looks cool and new and as pretentious or weird as it sounds to anyone he looks a bit like me in some pics with his angles lol !!

  • He’s very very cool looking. I hope he does well, would love to see him in Europe sometime. He should see Givenchy asap! And Versace… and Lanvin. Lots of people.

  • tracy

    thats my bestfriend ! (: lol…kbye.

  • Rubiii

    Cool face geron!

  • the first shot is so intense and beautiful…i suggest some black earrings to edgy him out and he’s got some major clientele lined up.

  • EVR

    he’s a stunner