Daily Duo: Mitchell



Brand new find Mitchell was encouraged to model by a friend who recommended him to their agency, Zodiac Management. Signed straight away, Mitchell has movie star appeal as well as a huge dose of model majorness. Originally from California, but now calling Florida home, Mitchell has been attending a prestigious art school in NYC – he’s a student of architecture, but already has a company building custom longboards. With his great bone structure, freckles, and fresh boy/man appeal, this artisan is built to last.


Full Name:
Mitchell Schuessler

183 cm / 6’0″

Place of Origin:
Oakland, California, USA

Date of Birth:
October 21


Mother Agency:
Zodiac Mother Management

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  • minks

    loveeeeee his fave, so beautiful!!!

  • alex

    Great face, great height and his legs are perf.

  • Marie

    He’s too short at 1.83.

  • Gerri Messman

    This young man has hollywood appeal. His sculpted features should get him a lot of contracts for appearances. You have a real winner here.

  • melissa


  • Tonya

    What a hottie! Perfect sculptured face. Love him!!

  • Great face I like him a lot, Marie when did 6’0″ become to short?

  • Mary wilson

    Great looking Grand Nephew. Wow! Hope modeling is successful! You have a great many talents. Looking forward to seeing what you build. Long boards – great way to go.

    Love Great Aunt Mary

  • annie

    He is from oakland! Yes finally someone from the Bay Area. Gosh he is gorgeous, that odd moment when he looks like a older version of my nephew.

  • Ferx0408

    Marie, how come 1.83 is short? I think that is great height to be appealing without looking from outer space haha!