Daily Duo: Micaela



At 5’11” and elegantly androgynous, new girl Micaela hails from Geelong, Australia. Discovered by her mother agency after she entered the “Miss Country Australia” competition, Micaela is now signed with Wilhelmina NY and FM London. Having just returned from Singapore, where she shot for Elle and Style magazines, Micaela’s next stop is New York City, where her powerful look will certainly reverberate. A former fashion student and jewellery maker, this strong, statuesque blonde has certainly found her niche.


Full Name:
Micaela Dietrich

180 cm / 5’11”
79 cm / 31″
63 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Date of Birth:
October 11


Mother Agency:
Giant Management

Wilhelmina New York

FM Agency

Mannequin Studio

Red Eleven Model Management

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  • Julien

    She’s like Andrej Pejic’s twin

  • emily

    OMG her height !

  • aaron

    OMG,so tall!!!

  • a little too masculine for me, almost on the andro side

    no grace…she needs more movement


  • Ricardo

    Wow, we need to see her next to Andrej Pejic in an editorial, they really look alike. Gorgeoussss like him

  • Sascha

    Well she has unfortunately mostly the same face expression on the photos. I really like her look & only photo 11 + 12.

  • evr

    very cool

  • Megan

    She’s something special – gorgeous and unique! I prefer her editorial pictures better than her polaroids. She knows how to work her height perfectly =)

  • Her photos are amazing. She needs to work on her polaroids a bit though. But I’m sure her height will make that up for her. She does seem like Andrej’s twin sister.

  • Julien, I agree…first thing I thought of looking through her images.

  • gemma

    WOW!!! i love her! can see her doing so well :)

  • kitkat

    andrej pejic meets karlie kloss!

  • miguel

    She is very beautiful, but I think her image is a bit contrived with her hair, there are many girls with this colour. I find it a bit boring.

  • Sabrina Bella

    Her photographs are AMAZING! And she’s going to be a killer on the catwalk if she has a decent walk. So versatile and beautiful in every single shot. Stunning look.

  • Ali

    She is a more masculine version of Andrej Pejic

  • Excellent Edge, Wonderful Structure!

  • caitlin

    earlier this comment said 6’1. why is the industry against tall ladies? we aren’t afraid of legs.. Karlie Kloss is the number 3 model globally and she is 6’1. Her card also says 5’11. I want the industry to celebrate these women. They were already “awkward” for their height, and continuing to mask it after success I think is wrong. Models are beautiful whether they are 5’7 or 6’1.

  • olta

    Love her!!!!!!!!

  • You should see Micaela’s editorial in Cielo Magazine, side by side with Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola and Nigel Barker’ interviews.

  • alex

    Wow shes defenitely a bit tall, but love her picture in the pink bra. Such a striking face

  • Jess

    i agree 100% with caitlin. i wouldn’t have said it better.

  • steph

    great bone structure and a strong face,
    And Caitlin, you were wrong about Karlie Kloss, she`s not 6,1 she is 5’11, and maybe they din`t try to hide the real hight of the model, maybe they were wrong from the beginning

  • helena polowski

    she looks like a man.

  • stripedman201

    She looks exactly like Andrej…. I like her better with her hair up though.

  • HH

    100% LOVE.