Straight out of New Jersey, Sara went to an open call at Boss Models NYC about a year ago and was promptly signed. And what a difference 12 months makes, as this idiosyncratic blonde has made the transition from gawky to glamourous, and is about to have her first serious show season. An elite athlete, Sara has broken records on her high school track team, and has attended a prestigious hurdle camp to be mentored by olympians. And those long, lean, elegant legs, and her calm under pressure will definitely be a winning asset as she goes for fashion glory.


Full Name:
Sara Gardner

179 cm / 5’10.5″
81 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA

Date of Birth:
November 13


Mother Agency:
Boss Models-NY

  • Rachel

    SHE IS BREATH TAKING. I hope she does very well this season!!!!

  • Dianna miller

    Great job Sara! You’ll do well! :)

  • B. Corvo

    Soooo glamorous and I love her blonde curls.

  • Sascha

    She is for me more like a normal but beautiful looking girl, like the girl next door, sorry :(

  • Megan

    I don’t know if she has a good look for modeling. Maybe it’s something about her nose and body? Though, she is attractive…

  • Nate

    a little bit of isabel goulart

  • erika

    Love her long, angular body but don’t love her nose & “pretty but not quite model” face. Could work, though… not sure.

  • Suzie

    Love her! She’s so fresh looking.

  • Jaime

    Megan must be stupid. I think this girl has a major career in modeling, OMG Nate I really didn’t see the Isabel thing at first, but you are so right. I hope Sara has a great show season.

  • Josh

    all American babe

  • David

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing. This girl is the 4realzs!!

  • Heather

    Sarah is stunning!!! I dont think would do a feature is the industry didnt see her as a model!!! People always have to me neg. and add their two cents in…. isnt is hard enough for teens these days! especialy models

  • crystal

    Well, the crimped hair is really nagl (I don’t know why the agency would allow digitals like that), but she looks good in other photos. Plus, I enjoy rooting for the smaller agencies.

  • HH

    Gorgeous look I love her

  • miguel

    She’s very commercial. Looks like an actress, but her looks also is very European.

  • bBurke

    She’s serving some serious sex appeal but is also very fashion at the same time. The perfect mix of looks!

  • She is gorgeous i’m speechless

  • Sabrina Bella

    Such a natural beauty, I love her hair and her legs are stunning. Simply gorgeous <3

  • Jaime


  • Santa

    She’s quite pretty, but doesn’t look like model as for me.

  • Isabelle

    Absolutely stunning!!!! Good luck in track, Sara!

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