Michal’s exaggerated, elongated, elegant beauty stops you in your tracks. This Polish lad was nicknamed “Model” in high school – and adolescent teasing turned into a prophecy when he signed with D’VISION after submitting his photos through their website. With his incredible bone structure, intense almost icy grey eyes, and sensual yet sulky mouth, Michal is hard to ignore. And Rick Owens couldn’t – Michal made his debut on the Rick Owens catwalk last season. Now signed with Nathalie Paris, 2morrow Milan, and Next London, we expect to see much more of Michal. And hey, didn’t you just hate high school? Success is the best revenge!


Full Name:
Michal Lewandowski

185 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Ciechanów, Poland

Date of Birth:
May 10


Mother Agency:

Nathalie Models

2morrow model

Next London

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  • Gressex


  • Interesting bones structure


  • Tine

    Amazing eyes, strange lips

  • robert

    love him ! he is awesome!

  • Michal is Magnificent! What an amazing angular face striking intense eyes that gaze at you with a deep unattainable knowledge and those lips!!!!! Oh man, he is a wonder! Do I gush too much? lol

  • tiara


  • S.

    I think he is extremely sexy. There’s something about those almost animalistic features, that intense feline stare, that’s rather captivating. And hey! Owens on his first season is extremely promising. Thumbs up!

  • Mars

    lol…interesting face !!! finally someone different !!! bravo !!! I wish him the best

  • miguel

    sensational model!

  • Lisaaaaa

    Great skin! And I love his neck… Very pretty

  • def long hair!!!! shot with denim shirt wrapped around neck and dress suit shots are sick!! best direction to editorial market

  • amazing!

  • tuba

    i used to kno him from d’vision models he is realy stunning so different and attractive when i first saw him , i thought he has a realy potential to modelling and yess he is . by the way his eyes umm smth else.

  • SYD

    Very handome. He kinda looks like a mannequin.

  • SYD


  • haid

    CUTE :)

  • casey

    he should be an actor not a model! what a face! and he looks different on every picture!

  • He’s a keeper! :)

  • His polaroids are awesome. Specifically the last three.

  • Jan-Robert

    I think that his face is more meaning and stronger where his hair are long :)