Ambitious Albanian boy Juli was signed when his mother agency Beatrice viewed his snapshots. He was on a jet plane to Milan the next day to sign the contract. Very new, Juli describes himself as having a strong character (his ear piercings alone bear witness to that – ouch!), and on his first photo shoot he exuded a confidence unusual in a novice. Juli will shoot his first job for GQ Italy just as soon as summer vacation ends in Europe this September. His look is both runway and editorial, and even though he has no proper test shots yet, Juli’s intense, uninhibited beauty emanates from his shots.


Full Name:

187 cm / 6’1.5″

Place of Origin:
Albania / Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Date of Birth:
August 17


Mother Agency:
Beatrice Models Management

  • tuba

    he like a bit Josh beech and has a good figure hes hot

  • Tine

    We have seen a lot like him before

  • camille

    bradley soileau a bit

  • erika

    Not a fan… & please lose those Dragon Tattoo earrings.

  • Jonxx

    Wow! He has stretched ear lobes! As if there are not a million other models with them. Its 2012 & I really wish fashion would get with the times instead of it being an ambiguous subject. Piercings & stretched ears are here!

  • Roger

    Honestly, I feel like almost anyone that is 6″0-6″4 can be a model. Dude’s a normal looking guy…nothing special.

  • kamil


  • mary


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