Daily Duo: Miyanda



Discovered on the way to basketball practice, Miyanda was quickly signed with Montreal agency Dulcedo. This girl managed to bring downtown traffic to a screeching stop whilst having her polaroids shot recently. Tall, lithe, lean and very lovely, Miyanda is elegant with just the right amount of edge. Now signed with Ford NY, Miyanda has put her plans to be a chef on the back burner so she can bring her personal spice mix to fashion. This kid is cookin’ with gas.


Full Name:
Miyanda Jacobs-Newton

181 cm / 5’11.5″
86 cm / 34″
64 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Montreal, Canada

Date of Birth:
December 17


Mother Agency:
Dulcedo Model Management

Ford Models

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  • Ali

    Great for runway. Great look overall. Impressed.

  • OMG I love her already! 4th picture is so striking.

  • Mahkeda

    Mi sister is beyond a star . Keep shinning bright babygirl , xo .

  • Mahkeda

    My sister is beyond a star . Keep shinning bright babygirl , xo .

  • Great bone structure, lover her but too green in facial expressions

    she needs to find herself then capitalize on those striking features


  • Andrea


  • Matimus

    WOW. Yes yes yes.

  • alex

    Shes so tall. Love the teeth and the kinky hair, shes beautiful

  • evr


  • wow!!! incredible i love the last serie op pics…

  • Wow

  • Angelo Scheening

    She is like the black Ashley Smith.
    So gorgeous!

  • kitkat

    She’s AMAZING.

  • Lex

    Not a fan. She needs to get her teeth fixed. Pretty in some shots though.

  • miguel

    very commercial.NY.

  • macaroon

    Love her long lines and she has curves too. She is long like Karlie. Will be great for runway

    Love her feline eyes and her gap teeth adds a dash of quirk

  • ducky

    Gorgeous !!!!! Go Girl !!!

  • Mary

    Beautiful !!!!! Im so proud of you . Continue !!! Make all of us proud espacially your daddy and your mommy !!

  • Shanon

    Your beautiful inside and out keep doing you !!! XOXO

  • I have been waiting for a girl like this. Thank you model gods!

  • troy

    Unbelievably gorgeous! Agree with the black Ashley Smith comment but I think with the right development she could be even better

  • joe

    Cool girl

  • I do like her already.
    She has lots of potential.


  • wow…i just had to comment. she’s beautiful, her face and her body, wow.

  • LAtifa

    YES Miyanda! xo

  • HH

    Great potential!!Captivating look and beautiful body

  • She is beautiful ..Very urban looking yet more girl next door .Shine darling :)

  • BOLO

    She look best with straight hair. It make her more elegant and exotic.
    That exotic quality drives me wild and also will sell more merchandise.
    I like exotic type of beauty. What I mean is something you wouldn’t recognize
    as beautiful but it strikes you, it lunges its fangs into you.

  • francesco

    She is great! I like her teeth too.
    But she has the same face in all the pictures …

  • love all about her :)

  • Chris Close

    WOW!!!! :D

  • poo

    Love her. Instantly likeable.

  • Rubiii


  • Her look needs to be based on those digitals…because those digitals…say it all(amazing)

  • Unknown

    I go to school with this chick…nf she is the sweetest person you could possibly meet

  • Unknown

    I go to school with this sexy lady on the floor…she a rock star…you go mimi

  • Louis

    Saw this girl many times on runways and shoots. She is simply striking. A star in the making. She doesn’t even look real.