Always told by family and friends that she should model, Avery submitted shots to Scout Model and Talent Agency in San Francisco, who signed her quick smart. This California girl has the kind of extreme beauty that took Lindsay Wixson to the top – young, awkward, sultry yet innocently beautiful. Very new to fashion, Avery is a Child Development major who is proficient in ASL (American Sign Language). There’s only one message we want to send out – sign this girl!


Full Name:
Avery Tharp

178 cm / 5’10”
86 cm / 34″
63 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Santa Cruz, California, USA

Date of Birth:
July 15


Mother Agency:
Scout Model and Talent Agency

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  • Maria

    We share a b-day :) Gorgeous, by the way

  • emily

    she has an unique look, but i still don’t like her !


  • Tine

    No neck.

  • joANN

    Yes, she has a unique look I think it is due to her eyes being so far apart. We’ll have to wait and see how far she will go. I think the modeling industry works based on what kind of mood creative teams are in, one minute they are looking for something “different” the next they are looking for something “classic”. So the modeling industry needs the best of both worlds to cater to the moods of creative teams. For instance, two of the top models in the industry- Arizona Muse is cookie cutter pretty and Guinevere Van Seenus has a very unique look to her.

  • Polo

    weak i think. and she doesn’t look tall. but i love her mouth

  • Photographs short.

  • Love her look. She’s got a great body, but looks healthy and natural. Plus that gap tooth grin, how could you not love!? :)


  • she has a potential for sure..

    Twitter: @Frankie_Youje

  • She’s interesting but the comparison with Lindsey Wixson is so wrong.

  • kitkat

    She’s beautiful! Would like to see more expressions.

    I’m not sure if she has the same things that took Lindsey Wixson to the top though–Lindsey’s face is more carved out, defined and bold. Avery’s features seem more delicate and she reminds me of someone else…I can’t seem to pinpoint the name!

  • jake

    lindsey wixson came to mind before i read the accompanying passage; i agree but i do not think she will emulate the success of lindsey

  • miguel

    she’s very cute, but still very young. Another Lindsay Wixson? I don’t like it. I hope another thing of this girl, something more special and different.

  • Dain

    These pretty girls couldn’t get their parents to take them to the dentist when they were kids?

  • her body is pretty stunning.

  • Ben

    Lindsay Wixson without the bee-stung lips. Gorgeous girl though.

  • Maddison

    Lindsey is in her prime, they don’t need another one. She definitely needs to develop more and create her own style before she can break.

  • macaroon

    photographs short?? she looks pretty darn tall to me

    i like that she is in college too..

  • Erika

    Not overly impressed… too curvy for runway & the gap-tooth look is already captured by Lindsay Wixson, etc. who happens to also be much prettier than this girl. She will work but doubtfully will be huge.

  • Strong Look! Great Editorial Face!

  • Vivienne

    Kate Moss + (a bit of) Lindsey Wixson – Wixson’s Bee-Stung lips = Stunning = Avery!

    You go girl!

  • JAcque

    I love her focus with her eyes! She is very natural looking and can own the no makeup look. Her teeth are beautiful and special and she doesn’t need to change them. She is healthy but still maintains a nice figure. I support her, and I have a feeling she will go far. Good luck Avery! Be yourself, that is what will be noticed! :)

  • kitkat

    Yes! That’s who it is. She reminds me of Kate Moss when she first came out. The wide set eyes and wide cheekbones.

  • HH

    I think she’s alright. Agreed with someone above, not sure she’ll ’emulate Wixson’s success’


    THATS MY COUSIN!!!! NO H8RS…. She is rlly 5’10

  • reminds me a lot of Lindsay Wixson

  • Camilo

    She’s a more beautiful, classic, less bulldog like Lindsey wixson

  • I couldn’t agree less with most of you. She is beautiful, unique, and has a soulfulness in her eyes that Lindsey really lacks. Get her in front of some amazing teams and she’ll do great!

  • Christina

    That is my gorgeous cousin! She has talent! She is really 5’10 she is in London right now on a job!!

  • Christina

    She is my cousin, I know that she will go far, she has talent. I am SO jealous of her, I wish that I was half as beautiful, and the comments on her teeth are just from people who WISH that they could be as amazing as she is. She is a person too! So don’t hate her cause’ shes beautiful…