Scouted by an agent in San Diego, TK is a standout. Hailing from Bonita, California, but with a mixed heritage of Native American, Filipino, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Hungarian backgrounds, TK’s few test shots and polaroids don’t do justice to her appeal. With Elite LA and TESS London in her corner, and having recently shot for Purple Magazine and Ellen von Unwerth, we hear that there is another major project underway that will definitely prove that TK is a total knockout.


Full Name:
TK (Tiffany Keller)

175 cm / 5’9″
82 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Bonita, California, USA

Date of Birth:
April 14


Mother Agency:
Elite LA

TESS Management

Traffic Models


  • Julien

    Dislike the hair, but other than that she’s amazing

  • Tine

    Why not pictures with normal hair? Has she afro? Then its difficult.
    Very cool, eyes are a bit small.

  • you have a great look. it is a fun hair style and appropriate for all kinds of work. eyes are great & in full sun like in this instance, the lids are lower due to the bright location. tk should go far.

    that which makes us different is that which makes us beautiful. kind regards, Patrick

  • Amazing face and body! She reminds me of a younger Claudia Schiffer, who also was one of Ellen von Unwerth’s favourites btw!

  • She has wonderful hair, you can see it in the video.

    …but what’s with the bleached eyebrows is my question


  • People should star being able to see beyond the stereotypes. This girl is amazing. She’s a stud !
    I’m so happy to see her signed with such an amazing agency as TESS is. And of course, Traffic, it’s HUGE here in spain :)
    Go TK !! I was waiting someone like this fresh face her ein Daily Duo :)

  • TK is gorgeous. The video makes up for the test!

  • Erika

    Love her features… very exotic looking!

  • Polo

    amazing bones. :) i love her frame and the lips… good to see awesome filipino blood there

  • Sam

    SHe has straight hair, very pretty girl.

  • kitkat

    I dont care that she has those braids and bleached brows in her polaroids


    Awesome body. Great shape.

    There’s a little bit of adriana lima in her no? Also see a little hailey clauson and wixson.

    new obsession

  • Mimi

    “Normal hair”…you’re kidding right? She’s stunning :)

  • Tricia

    Beautiful, hair and all.

  • Givenchy.

  • very cool look…she could do well with good photographers

  • sasha

    why she has a blond eyebrows? but really nice!

  • johnny Cunningham

    Beautiful model,if I needed someone for a shoot I would be looking her up.

  • jake

    i think she looks great – i really like her look a lot, and i kind of like the hair too! great body. hope we see a lot from her

  • Aura

    That face really shows a Filipino blood.

  • natasha

    Blown Away!!!!

  • miguel

    I don’t like her mouth too, but she’s very beautiful no doubt. even interesting.

  • in love! :)

  • scout

    WOW! Love her!!

  • She is absolutely. Stunning.

  • D

    I think she’s fantastic, just wish they had done the test shots with normal hair :/ think the eyebrows are great, I want to see this girl EXPLODE!

  • A Natural Beauty

  • Braids and bleached eyebrows? IDK what is going on here. I just can’t.

  • derek

    yes please

  • Nothing wrong with her hair.

    She has an ‘exotic’ look about her which is obvious due to her mixed heritage. I like the blonde eyebrows to offset the dark hair.

    Would smash.

  • leo

    shes totally NEWNESS love her

  • Leandro

    Gorgeous girl, but definitely her hair and eyebrows need to change.

  • Alex

    Really LOVE that face !!!

  • Jamie

    Grew up with this chicka!! She is very beautiful and has alot going for her!! So proud of her!! Go TK!! ;)

  • Dot

    What a face! And she really works the camera.

  • shes bassicaly half filipino half white, get over it Tif…

  • She is incredible
    The Lovelorn

  • cyril

    finally a model with a filipino heritage is scouted and not so called asian model which will only means chinese…

  • eyz


  • Mary Bailey

    What a great canvas for a make-up artist and photographer. If you look at some of her past work, you will see how photogenic this gorgeous young lady is. TK’s ethnic background is as stated. BTW, I am her American Indian/Filipino/Spanish/Scottish Grandma.

  • ha


  • J


  • Camille


  • HH

    I like her a lot. Huge potential

  • camilo

    Absolutely beautiful! I actually love the hair, it’s really badass paired with her strikingly beautiful androgynous features, she has the same kind of beauty I see in hanaa ben abdesslem, androgynous but still feminine. I love the setting too, very LA. I hope she goes far, great to hear she’s worked with Ellen Von unwerth

  • rudy

    21-24s , looks very thai/asian street type in her natural state. Very impressive to go through the transformations that she produces in pictures. Keep it up!

  • Kimberly (barnes) lowry

    I was good friends with her and she moved in next door to me back in california back when we lived in bonita. She always dreamed and talked about modeling. We had crazy times. I remember laying out by the pool hanging out eating hot cheetohs with sour cream. Lol miss u tiff