Daily Duo: Max



Brand spanking new and signed with Fusion NYC, Arizona boy Max is a modern day classic. With a look that nods towards times gone by, Max’s retro vibe is very current. With plenty of personal style (he collects designer vintage!) and a solemn yet distinctive and somewhat rugged beauty, Max is set to find his niche in the model market. Dressed up or dressed down, Max has a particular gravitas – a calm serenity that hints at long lonely days in the desert. Max is ready to throw down the gauntlet.


Full Name:
Max Von Isser

186 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Date of Birth:
February 27


Mother Agency:
Fusion Models


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  • very interesting

  • tuba

    I see a bit Josh Beech . He s cool n unusual

  • Erika

    Another questionable male model choice… what does this kid have that millions & millions of other cute, young guys possess?

    • @Erika – an agency. And charisma.

  • Sascha

    Stunning blue eyes and look! I think he looks like he would come out of another time, or maybe it’s just the fact that he fits into the 50’s style/look.

  • he look like an actor

  • very interesting indeed…such a character


  • whatever

    he is great, success no doubt

  • Marcy burgess

    Awesome Max you will do great. Love ya and wishing you the best of luck from Michigan.

  • eyz

    amazing face!

  • legz

    he looks cool

  • starvingcelebrity

    his eyes are to die for!

  • ninja

    super duper!<3

  • Maxl

    @Erika: He’s the shit

  • Yeah, not seeing it.

  • amandaxo

    there’s a lot of extremely good looking men out there but some aren’t tall enough to become a model it’s such a shame…

  • Raine

    This guy is so good-looking! I love his features. Nice eyes, nose, and lips. He has nice skin too. Surprised to see he’s from the States, I definitely expected the Netherlands or another place in the UK. Represent!

  • igor

    his face seems like a ancient roman sculpture

  • TJ

    Bomb fancy face

  • legz

    @taylor hall: whose your agent, hey?

  • He has a face that invites our gaze.

  • Its me your Pep Pep

    Ya blew it. Great job! I know you’re going to do your pep pep proud. Happy birthday, Max, I’m disappointed in you.

    Pep Pep