Marianna is one of the bright stars of small Russian town Nizhny Tagil, which is known for its arts and crafts (among other things!). With an uncanny likeness to a young Uma Thurman (think Dangerous Liaisons, not Kill Bill 2), Marianna is simply quite stunning. Signed with Direct Scouting Center and so far only placed in Singapore, Marianna radiates potential as well as versatility. A girl who loves horses, heavy metal, and skating, Marianna’s sunny disposition and spellbinding beauty will certainly capture the attention of the right agencies and clients.


Full Name:
Marianna Portnova

179 cm / 5’10.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
59 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Date of Birth:
March 1


Mother Agency:
Direct Scouting Center

Mannequin Studio

Wizard Models (Tokyo)

  • Julien

    She is to die for

  • Marcel

    uma thurman???
    gorgeous girl :) !!!

  • nfh

    I really, really like her. Hope she’s not too young, a face like this will only get better in time. Daria Strokus 2.0

  • troy

    What a star!

  • Not on the guest list

    She looks like a mix of Catarina Ravaglia and Ashleigh Good.

  • Actually, what is Nizhny Tagil is known for are not “arts and crafts”. Here’s 13 (!) metallurgist factories so almost all the people have to work there because of the absence of other kinds of jobs.

    So this is a good chance to Marianna to fly over reality

  • Sascha

    What a face! So changeable with make up on. And yes, she could really be Uma Thurman in young.

  • emily


  • Erika

    I truly believe that there is no country in the world that can surpass Russia’s wealth of human beauty, height, bone structure, modeling greatness… it’s just rediculous! This girl is going places!

  • Margarita Rodriguez

    I love her look, just beautiful, she reminds me of Uma Thurman and with Lily Donaldson.

  • miguel

    There’s something about her, but nothing standout. editorial or runway? I don’t see it very clear.

  • Enikő

    She’s absolutely stunning!Really,Uma Thurman’s little sister!

  • Jess

    Wow she is definitely something special!

  • valerian

    i see prada in her future

  • Sam

    She is the one!

  • The first picture already sold her to me.

  • G.Natan

    The new Milla Jovovich

  • legz

    she’s going to be MAJOR!

  • megan

    Uma Thurman!!! Uma Thurman!!! Uma Thurman!!! Uma Thurman!!!

    Wow she’s gorgeous and I’m very envious. A mix between Milla and Uma.

  • Love her. So much expression for a new face. Incredible.

  • Our lovely and amazing Marianna! She is a star already! We love you all, dear!

  • Thank you very much. Marianna is very special for us, beautiful, smart and a very sensitive girl.

  • yt

    She look alike Paul Boche

  • She is amazing.
    I hope she does well!

    The Lovelorn

  • whoa!

  • b

    this one is going to be big. I just know it.

  • Dear Jessica, she is doing amazing!))You will see the news abt her soon, i guess)

  • She looks a lot like Uma Therman

  • She’s really striking! Beautiful!

  • HH

    She’s luscious. Who wouldn’t like her???