Daily Duo: Ioustini



A finalist in the 2010 Elite Model Look France, Ioustini took time out to concentrate on her schooling. But now she’s back! Originally from France, but now living in Greece, Ioustini is gearing up for her first show season in September. Of French and Greek parentage, with a mix of Dutch and Indian (via the Netherlands Antilles) in her background, Ioustini’s look is a heady mix of sensuality and sophistication. With the correct development this multilingual minx will have a truly versatile career.


Full Name:
Ioustini Alexandropoulou (Justine Alexandropoulos)

181 cm / 5’11.5″
90 cm / 35.5″
62 cm / 24.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
May 14


Mother Agency:
VN Model Management

MD Management

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  • WOW! She’s HAUTE! A Foxy Lady! Reminds me of Laetitia Casta!

  • Erika

    Beautiful… I’m seeing maybe Victoria’s Secret for her… she’s tall/sexy/curvy & has “that look”.

  • alex

    Shes great, reminds me of yulia kharlapanova

  • she hits the young/mature spectrum well. very impressive

  • nothing special at ALL!! SEEN 1000 GIRLS LIKE HER…………

  • Katie

    Nice bonestructure in the face! beautiful

  • very edgy

  • Sabrina Bella

    Not a fan, quite a simple, plain look, though I suppose that makes her versatile if she has good poses, expressions and attitude in photos. I think she’ll do well in Fashion Week and with her body proportions could probably do victoria secret as well.

  • xoxo

    very commercial and suntan is a bit too much..

  • cindy

    Yes Anti B, I instantly thought of Laetitia Casta too!
    Like an exotic version of Laetitia.

  • Mar

    Her eyes are stunning, and complete her whole face so well. I believe it’s what make her so exotic. When I acceded the main page, and took a look at the New Faces, she was the first one, and even the only one, that caught my attention. She’s stunning, and I don’t think she’s ordinary. Her eyes are just… stunning, and that’s it. And her lips, the way she models them… I mean, she has the most beautiful face I have seen in a while at the New Faces category.

  • vivian

    Originally she is from Greece. Her father is from Greece and her mother is from France. Ioustini born, grow up and live in Athens.

  • Vicky Roubou

    Bravo Ioustini. You are the best!

  • ma

    no basically her father is half dutch half french and her mom is from greece. and she was born and raised in the north of france she’s been in greece only since 2011.