Daily Duo: Paris R.



With Elite Paris, our Paris is from Melbourne, Australia. This girl has a kaleidoscopic heritage – Egyptian, English, Australian, Greek and Gypsy – phew! But this genetic potpourri has created an elegant, fragile, and very memorable beauty. While in Paris the city, Paris the model has secured options for fashion week, and has piqued the interest of many a client. Paris, je t’aime!


Full Name:
Paris Roberts

176 cm / 5’9.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
83 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Melbourne, Australia

Date of Birth:
May 23



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  • Sam

    Incredible!! She’s also Australian! :)

  • Jess

    terrific face. but 83 cm hips?…

  • CHlo

    Very pretty girl – unusual too.
    PS @ Jess how are 83 cm hips in any way problematic?

  • Erika

    What an icredible face & lips to die for… she should expirement with a shorter haircut to accent those features.. maybe even a pixie cut. The body is great!

  • More diaphanous than a china

  • evr

    looks major to me

  • D

    This girl is amazing! Her face is memorable and unique, lots of luck to her!

  • sergIo

    OK is that girl abbey lee with her brown hair?

  • sosososososo much lovely!

  • She is INCREDIBLE! Star power. Needs a little work on expression, but that will come with experience.

  • Yeah she really does look Aussie. They have an innocence to their faces.
    I don’t know 0.0 – I’ve noticed that feature amongst guys and girls.
    But anyway,……………….. I love her eyes and lips! So cutesy.

  • miguel

    She’s very cute and beautiful eyes, but nothing special. I don’t see a beauty important.

  • irinea

    hamster with creammy cheeks!

  • cindy

    It’s so stupid when they list the model’s ethnicity, as a way to give you an idea of how they got their looks, then list something vague like “American”, “Canadian” or “Australian”.

  • Extremely Striking And Beautiful….

    Great Choice.

  • RIC

    She’s amazing! Great face! But I think she would look better with a shorter hair cut.

  • She looks weird. But then again, who wants to look normal when you’re a model.

  • Wow what a face!!

  • Her jaw is stunning!

  • this girl is really pretty. is she placed in ny? very beautiful brows

  • Luis Lorenzo

    she has a perfect face; full lips, great nose, eyes are spaced magnificently and have an amazing color, a defined philtrum and strong jar tapering down to that goddess like chin. I love her…face

  • Eamon

    @cindy: I think it’s interesting to know their background, but I think where they hail from is very important. Like Americans or Brazilians, their backgrounds are so mixed but they exude and energy that I believe could not come from anywhere else. Think about the all-American Angela Lindvall, or Abbey-Lee’s laid back Aussie vibe.

    I think Paris is one of the more exciting new faces I’ve seen on MDC in awhile!

  • Wow! She’s great!!!!!!!!

  • Stefani

    I’m telling everyone to hire this girl… I MISS YOU PARIS!
    She’s so beautiful on the outside AND inside.
    She deserves everything ♥

  • her eye brows…wow, i wish i was her

  • i see a bit of ali michael in her as well

  • I think she has a bit of a spark in her eyes that makes me interesting. I think she’ll do great!

  • Abi

    Paris my dear, you have come so far from the girl i used to know. This girl is so much more then just a pretty face. She has ambition and spark. She didn’t get into modelling for the superficial reasons most do, but in order to support herself so that she could one day go to med school and do something important with her life. beautiful in every way, and to those of you who disagree, you’re moronic buffoons!

  • Angela

    She has a very exotic look, beautiful lips and eyes and through her beauty, I can also see an amazing quality.
    I’m not sure about paying for her medical school Abi ?! to my knowledge, Paris belongs to a very capable family, both financially and academically, though this is a very wonderful quality you have pointed out, she is a very caring person. GOOOO PARIS.

  • Az

    She reminds me of Ali Michael.

  • Stefani

    Paris is an incredible girl with stunning looks and an amazing personality. I’m so happy to see her have gone so far with her career, I know she will only advance further.

  • Yesenia Cruz

    She is soo beautiful and really sweet and kind!!