Daily Duo: Xiaotian



Some young guys are just destined to be stars, and one of China’s finest new faces about to shine brightly is Xiaotian Tang. Proving very popular after a major debut on the Lanvin catwalk, Xiaotian is with Instar Model Management Beijing, but has the looks to become an international style staple – X is seamlessly elegant, hip, with the right amount of quiet coolness. Xiaotian definitely has the X factor.


Full Name:
Tang Xiaotian

189 cm / 6’2.5″

Place of Origin:
Tianjin, China

Date of Birth:
June 2


Mother Agency:
Instar Model Management

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  • steven

    normally goodlooking

  • alex

    Hes amazing, so beautiful! im sure he will be rite up there with sean, simon, and david!

  • Yeah I don’t think he is that special, to me he doesn’t have the magic star quality that Daniel Liu or Philip Huang have. He is ok but I’m sure if I can see him as a big male Chinese model in the next decade. We’ll see…

  • Erika

    I agree with Steven… nice-looking, but what is special?

  • Samantha

    His expressions (the lips) on all his digitals looks very strange. Something is off. I prefer the likes of Daniel iLu, Brent Chua, Daisuke as the ideal Chinese models.

  • Model School Melbourne

    He’s a good looking guy and has impressive height, but his look isn’t what we’re used to seeing featured here. I’d be interested to see some of his higher end shoots because I think I might be missing something.

  • cassie

    i like him!!!

  • FND

    Still need to learn to work the camera before he can be in the same level as other stronger asian male models like Zhao Lei, Hao Yun Xiang, Daisuke, Dae Na and more..

  • Cliff

    Nice Boy

  • Allen

    good looking,but not special enough like Zhao Lei,Li Zhen or other Chinese models.