Modelling for a year, Botucatu boy Andre has an unforgettable face… and yes, he might need the close caress of a Gillette Mach3 to get his look all the way right, but this kid is undeniably handsome! Clients love Andre, and he’s been working tirelessly in Brazil, but he’s now about to start his all American odyssey with RED NYC in September. And like so many Brazilian models before him, we expect to see a lot more of him soon!


Full Name:
Andre Bona

189 cm / 6’2.5″

Place of Origin:
Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth:
September 21


Mother Agency:
Closer Models

Red Model Management

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  • Gressex

    Blonde hair…???

  • elo

    Do you really think he’s a model?

  • max z,

    I really liked his face!Has a lovely expression. Can be a top model.

  • Beautiful eyes!

  • Erika

    Oh I love him… but maybe work with the hairstyle a bit? Bone structure would work better with a shorter, more polished look.

  • Very clean and radiant face. Nice pentagon-like structure. Love the huge forehead too.

  • Julien

    Please shave his hair! He would be so much better

  • Cliff


  • francesco

    He has a very particular face, let´s see what will happen

  • Shave please.

  • Syd

    He looks a lot like Brad Pitt. Very handsome dude.

  • n.N.

    perfect bone structure, full-of-intensity eyes, and great posture. yup, he’s ready to modeling in verb. ^^

  • david lawson

    i don’t see why everyone asks for shaving, once beard is so in now…
    i agree he needs a haircut but the beard itself builds his look

  • wonderful

  • John

    doesn’t like model.

  • Erik

    Reminds me of brad pitt.

  • his bone structure is delicious and his eyes are soooo deep! :O

    but in some pictures, he looks so off, I think he needs a lot more training and I agree, new haircut!

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    much dark plz
    it will help him

  • TATA


  • finh

    young brad pitt.

  • b

    Not your typical model-looks, but somehow I really like this boy . he certainly stands out and with a minimakeover and some decent new shots he has potential to land a big assignment I think

  • Lucas Rios

    Esse é o cara!!

  • He reminds me of a cross of Brad Pitt with Ethan Hawke… very hot. ;)