Daily Duo: Marina R.



Discovered after a makeup artist in her hometown of Mexico City told her visit an agency, Marina was quickly signed by Paragon Models, who loved her amazing runway walk. Although very new, Marina has already graced the catwalks of all the best designers in Mexico, and has shot editorial for all the major magazines there too. So now it’s time for Marina to take it north of the border. With perfect measurements, incredible confidence and a darkly beautiful allure, this mija is major!


Full Name:
Marina Rivero

Light Brown
180 cm / 5’11
84 cm / 33″
58 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth:
March 7


Mother Agency:
Paragon Model Management (Mexico City)

Paragon Model Management

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  • Naomi

    Ah I really like her, she looks completely different when she’s made-up, absolutely beautiful!!

  • Sascha

    Wow, she really looks so different with make up on… Well, I don’t know if it’s something positive or negative though. But she’s beautiful anyways.

  • Erika

    I’ve never seen a model that looks so different wearing makeup vs. barefaced… he polas don’t impress me @ all but a few of the “done up” shots are incredible. I’m ambivalent about her.

  • albert

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Maddison

    Very pretty, but I’ve never heard of Paragon Model Management, not sure if they can give her the launch she deserves.

  • nerena

    amazing body !however that leather skirt in her polos make her look bigger in the hip area than she really is , otherwise i really like her. see her walking big shows . LEGS GO ON FOREVER :D

  • martin

    Shes got future

  • so lovely!

  • Marty

    i have to argee with Naomi & Sascha, beautiful girl. She looks stunning w/ makeup but when she takes it off she looks so different.. it’s weird. But she has a lot of potential to be succesful and great runway model like Julia, Mackenzie, and Zuzanna.

  • Lucy

    She’s Gorgeous !!

  • leslie

    Her ankles are so skinny :0 Anyways, she is amazing :)

  • macaroon

    great potential. it just looks like her polaroids were shot indoors with poor light. she looks the same in both her polaroids and test shots. i don’t see a lot of elaborate makeup in her tests either.

  • I am absolutely amazed by her. She has a different look to her. Very pure and deer like. Proud to see a Mexican model, because I don’t see or hear of many that actually are successful. I can see a bright future for her. I will so keep an eye out for her.

  • n.N.

    she’s flawless, no more words. ^^

  • jedia

    The epitome of a transformer. She photographs impeccably.

  • Henry

    Totally beautiful girl im amazed by her beauty! makes me proud she┬┤s mexican! you dont see that mexican beauty every day!!! lets hope she can make it for the big brands! i totally see future on her face, remembers me of Kate King and Jackelyn Jablonski

  • interesting face