Daily Duo: Sergio



Discovered whilst walking on Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, Sergio was signed to Sight Management Studio about a month ago. Since then he’s shot editorial with Xevi Muntane (New York: De Facto), and Sight is in talks with international agencies for future placements. This young Spaniard is both boyish and buff – totally relatable yet his look is still aspirational. Who wouldn’t want to look like Sergio? Darkly handsome, but still seemingly (and intriguingly) naive, Sergio is straight up guapisimo!


Full Name:
Sergio Carvajal

180 cm / 5’11”

Place of Origin:
Tarragona, Spain

Date of Birth:
November 27


Mother Agency:
Sight Management Studio

New York Model Management

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  • WOW! Reminds me a bit of Eugen Bauder. He should do well.

  • Gressex

    Some really nice shots, and he has a ‘look’ for print work. A little short for the runway…nowadays all the guys are 6’1″-6’3″.

  • Phil

    1,80 like it!

  • erika

    Wonderful new face here – a Spanish pretty boy! Is he a bit on the short side for male models, though?

  • angel

    he’s cute. but very handsome- I don’t see him. and his height is a bit complicated.

  • Carlos Eddy

    Woww awesome! I wish you success and luck!

  • I love that he’s 5’10”. Someone under 6′ is good to see.

  • Crystal Harris

    I like how handsome he looks and he can hold his own, meaning masculine or boyish, but not coming across too boyish! You picked a really good one, I say, “Yes!” …Congratulation’s Sergio, I wish you well, and hope you go far!!! Blessings!!!!!

  • sunario

    thought male models were suppose to be Tall ? hes Cute but he look’s more like a Actor not a model

  • sergio carvajal

    thanks !!

  • He looks different from every angle. 3rd picture especially O.o almost thought that was Victor Nylander.
    Trust me: the height really isn’t an issue.

  • i don ‘t care about his height..i m sure with his very beautiful face,he will win a lot of money in the advertising.and much more on the catwalk!for me it ‘s wonderful,FINALLY A TRUE BEAUTY.i Wish you many success

  • N.N.

    what an amazing Spanish boy. he absolutely works out in modeling. he’s young, fresh, and his eyes are so innocent yet killing. ^^

  • COco

    he is fiiiinnneeee

  • sasha

    how can 180cm guy do modeling?


    Thank you for your opinions and respect!

  • I’ve seen his face :c

  • emile

    why it shows on some other sites that he is only 5′ 9ยจ?