Parisian pretty boy Corentin was scouted on Facebook by EYE Models Paris. The consummate bon-vivant, Corentin is funny, outgoing, and definitely not shy. After studying at a prestigious acting school in the City of lights, Corentin has now committed to a life in front of the lens. With experience working for Agnes B, and having just shot his first ever editorial, this sleek sophisticate is ready for le premier rĂ´le.


Full Name:
Corentin Fila

184 cm / 6’0.5″

Place of Origin:
Paris, France

Date of Birth:
September 28


Mother Agency:
Nathalie Models

  • Allison

    His head is VERY strangely shaped, especially in the third to last picture. I don’t get it. Next, please!

  • elo


  • I totally agree, I dont get it with this particular gentleman, I can’t call him a model because he doesn’t look like one


  • B.L.

    Allison, you wouldn’t get it! Fashion is about difference and uniqueness. He is definitely unique! Get over your myopic view and tunnel vision. Next comment, please!

  • adrian

    this passes as male model now a days?…PUHLEEEZE!

  • erika

    Agree with Allison… I don’t get this either… obviously a cute guy, but model?

  • helena polowski


  • alex


    his head looks normal to me lol.

  • Rubiii


  • cleve

    Modeling is about a LOOK!!! We are all unique… everyone isn’t a HIGH FASHION MODEL!!! GIVE THE YOUNG MAN SO RESPECT.

  • lucy

    Corentin is fabulous.

  • Martina

    Well, you’re all wrong, modelling isn’t about attitude or uniqueness or personality, given that there’s a lot of models in the market lacking those attributes. Modelling is about body shape and type and proportion. And this gentlemen’s got’em all. Now, I do believe his head is strangely shaped, but in this context it actually reveals itself as exotic, so that’s his so much appreciated uniqueness for you.

  • Corentin is strikingly beautiful and seems to confidently flow from elegantly fashionable to sporty and tough with such ease! Love this kid’s amazing looks!

  • alex

    amazing! im see prada written all over him. he has a similar look to henry pedro wright and abiah hostvedt, both of which are prada models

  • tuba

    his height s not enough ,i thnk

  • girlmodels

    why the hell are all the french black models so sexy? ;)

  • Gressex

    His head is fine. It’s the flattened tips of his ears giving that impression. Look beyond it; his agency has!

  • Handsome fellow!!

  • COco

    I love howthe black models have made massive appearances on the New faces board
    they are basically overtaking the mens faces LOL

  • Melinda Bognar

    Corentin is cleaver interesting and beautiful. Tell me better combination… M (he loves Vivaldi 4 season…)

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