Daily Duo: Noemi



Noemi was born in Switzerland but spent time in Australia as a child. Discovered six years ago, Noemi quit modelling to pursue her love of art, but reconnected with her agent recently. Now older, wiser, more confident, and healthier, Noemi brings the va va voom to fashion – this girl is curvaceous, glamourous and definitely old school beautiful (we’re thinking Jane Russell). From her face to her feet, Noemi is perfection. With the right editorial and career management, Noemi will be leaving all those skinny minnies eating her dust!


Full Name:
Noemi Manser

180 cm / 5’11”
100 cm / 39.5″
78 cm / 30.5″
106 cm / 41.5″

Place of Origin:
Basel, Switzerland

Date of Birth:
October 20


Mother Agency:
Visage Management

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  • Allison

    I’m in love! She is refreshing in this industry, and downright beautiful!

  • nfh

    she’s absolutely breathtaking, yet I don’t get how in your text your sort of bashing the normal sized girls (in model terms, that is!) when your clearly featuring them prominently. I’m looking forward to the day where one can appreciate beauty without saying oh look she’s gorgeous EVEN THOUGH she’s plus size respectively look at those cheekbones EVEN THOUGH they only come from starving

    • @nfh We’re not bashing anyone, far from. Just having a bit of fun – who wants to read (or write, for that matter) a deadly serious thesis on models every day? I sure don’t. On Newfaces we feature all kinds of models, and don’t have a negative word to say about any of them. The snide remarks and over analysis is something I leave to the people in the comments section ;-)

  • aaaa

    she’s my first favorite on daily duo. she’s amazing, she brings freshness to the modelling industry and I would like to have her face, hair, everything, and her body is healthy yet stunning! I wish her luck, actually she doesn’t need lucks, cause she’ll take them (people in this industry) down!!! :*

  • Sascha

    What a perfect beauty with a great attitude! She’s stunning & absolutely sexy, but also changeable.

  • @rosie I totally agree with you, I like the way you writed about Noemi, good approach

    she’s not your typical skinnie-weenie and it’s very refreshing to read about a model with “curves”

    speaking of…

    BEWARE! curves ahead, Noemi it’s coming!


  • B.L.

    she actually looks too cookie-cutter — a toned down version of a brunette anna nicole. not bad, just rather pedestrian.

  • cellero

    sorry..but how many thousand girls can you see on the street like her? don’t start to count…i’ll tell you…many

  • AMAZING! Sexy as hell!

  • katy

    She’s really beautiful, but she’s plus-size :/

  • m

    she’s breathtakingly gorgeous!love it!

  • Dan Garcia

    G*O*R*G*O*U*S ~ B*E*A*U*T*Y!! );})) !!

  • Laura

    So, ‘she’ll leave those skinny minnies in the dust’ is not a negative comment?

    Short, tall, thin, curvy, all the women are beautiful!

  • Zita Bih Ndemanu

    Finally, A model who does not look like she isn’t eating! Very refreshing! Beautiful too!

  • Strike a match, Watch it burn, There’s is a lesson to be learned.

    If You hold it too long you, will get burnt.

    Taking chances with a young face is one thing,

    trying to restart a career is another.

    I wish her well, Go Girl Go!

    Yes, I would try the face.

  • I’m left for words.

  • erika

    I don’t find this girl to be anything special & her curvy body has nothing to do with this opinion. Compared to the incredible new faces that have recently entered the modeling world, I just don’t think her face & features stack up, although she is attractive. Marketability will obviously be limited due to her larger frame.

  • evr


  • angel

    I like her face, is more interesting than all models together in this moment. but I’m not a fan of her body.

  • sebastien

    OMG, new victoria’s angel

  • lucy

    nfn and Laura lighten up……..

  • Vivienne


    it’s nice of you write her that way, i’m sure she will be big

  • Crystal

    Who cares if she is plus size. She’s stunning.

  • Alessafan

    She has an Angela Lindvall’s vibe in the 2nd and 6th pics! Stunning lady!

  • N.N.

    holla momma! she is really VA VA VOOM! I love her eyes, and finally a bit full sexy body. she’s gonna be success. ^^

  • Gorgeous! Beautiful proportions, hair and bone structure. Love!


  • alex

    Shes perfect, the next crystal renn or lara stone!

  • thomas

    If people say that she’s plus-size model, im gonna shoot myself. This is how a good model should look like, just a perfect figure without seeing every single bone. She should be on the cover of Vogue, just to show this is what they mean with their campaign of anti-anorexia. Bless this girl, she’s stunning.


  • Courtney White

    Her hair is insanely gorgeous.

  • desi


  • HH

    Oh God I didnt know they accept heavy chested girls!Noemi looks drop dead gorgeous,sharp face.Obviously she’s born with it and have nothing to do with weight

  • sajjad

    She’s absolutely perfect model

  • Gorg!!

  • COco

    DEFINETLEY jane russel esque

    she is one of the few that I have ever double took at their picture on new faces board

  • Great eyes!

  • mihu

    She is the younger sister of swiss top model Anouk Manser, which already has made to the catwalks in Paris and posed for Valentino (http://www.visage.ch/Models/Women+National/71434). I personally prefer Anouk, but Noemi can definitevely set a foot in the plus size industry, gorgeous face!

  • i loveeeeeeee her full figure.

  • b

    Gotta love her. She screams 80’s glamazon supermodel and it is definetely a look I have missed very much recently.

    But she is ofcourse bigger than the other girls so lets hope she gets some work.

  • Great body!