Daily Duo: Richard B.



Talk about Blue Steel! Cape Town new guy Richard has his glare down to an art form. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed – Richard has been in NYC with Q Model Management for the past few months, but has just jetted off to Paris where he has an enviable (and highly secretive) exclusive booking. Buff and beautiful, Richard also has a goofy yet endearing personality, as is evident in his video. Watch this space!


Full Name:
Richard Boliter

188 cm / 6’2″

Place of Origin:
Cape Town, South Africa

Date of Birth:
May 13


Mother Agency:
Boss Models (Cape Town)

Q Model Management NY

I LOVE Models Management

Kult Model Agency

Sight Management Studio


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  • Julien

    Not for me sorry, his 2 last polas are kind of creepy

  • I think he looks great! I want his expressions to be varied than just a hard stare though.

  • GP

    good body,will be good underwear model.

  • erika

    Great body, but not a fan of facial features, especially profile.

  • N.N.

    his video is great because he shows his personality, which is an important part in modeling. his photos overall are good. just need more variations in his expression. but still, he’s great as a model. ^^

  • angel

    I don’t like, his face is not very fascinating. I don’t like his attitude in the video, a bit cheeky


    what is this video???? Omg, completely unfunny. you better study!

  • Well wow. He’s cute, handsome, and sexy all at the same time.
    Innocence but chiseled masculinity. Oh boy.

  • lol, pretty lights is the music for the vid.

  • Van

    So close..
    Too much mouth to nose distance. He’ll be a standout on the runway though.

  • Tracey


  • Gorgeous kid, I actually really appreciate the shape and form of his profile! There’s a masculine aggressive line to it! He has a strikingly handsome defined muscular physique and man, those eyes are stunning! + a South African accent is truly mesmerizing!!!

  • haha Agreeing with everything David B Just said! Richards a stunning guy, funny you find the south african accent mesmering

  • b

    I like him. He makes me smile somehow. But it is more his charm than his overall look that will bring him work, if there is any in the future.

  • kyla

    OH MY GOD HIS VIDEO, HIS VOICE AND HIS LAUGH AND HIS SMILE I LITERALLY ALMOST DIED, he’s way less intimidating in the video than he may look in his pictures