Daily Duo: Sidney



From Tallinn, Estonia, new girl Sidney was scouted on Facebook by Star System (Tallinn). Sidney is currently in NYC with Muse Management, where she is shooting editorial and already attracting interest from some major players. With a definite retro vibe (we’re thinking of the Scandinavian top models of the late 60s/early 70s), Sidney has a look that is sleek and sophisticated and yet somewhat innocent. And at 5’11”, this ethereal ingenue is absolutely runway ready.


Full Name:
Sidney Remmer

180 cm / 5’11”
81 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Tallinn, Estonia

Date of Birth:
July 7


Mother Agency:
Star System

Muse Management

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  • aaaa

    short torso, long legs, amazing and unique look!

  • beautiful..but for me nothing I haven’t seen before

  • erika

    Aside from her great height, I’m not impressed…. face doesn’t indicate “model” to me.

  • J


  • CT


  • mario

    amazing look. a fresh-faced natasha poly with a special spark. perfection. when can i shoot her?

  • Karin

    MUSE is going to do great things with her

  • mario

    AMAZING. a fresh-faced natasha poly with a special spark! this one is going to go very far!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francois

    5th and 9th picture Frida Gustavsson

  • I like her for some reason. She’s very interesting right off bat – a very good editorial girl.

  • sylva

    she reminds me anne v

  • Palina

    She looks like Anne V!

  • kitkat

    There are a lot of girls like her..
    The first tests make her look nice
    But she looks different in her polaroids

  • eric

    awsome girl, she is brilliant.

  • whatever

    only her little high forehead bothers me on her

  • Adrian

    She’a a mix of Natasha Poly, Michelle Williams, and a hint of Penelope Tree. Such a unique beauty.

  • Charlie

    Picture 2 & 5 = Freja!
    Gorgeous girl

  • Joan Quidlat

    shes perfect

  • jack

    I see a bit of Natasha Poly and Freja Beha in this girl with a hint of Anne V. She will be a success methinks

  • Jai

    SCREAMS Natasha Poly! Nothing new, but she’ll do very very well. Excited to see what’s in store.

  • vickie

    Nice. The large forehead is a stand-out feature.