Daily Duo: Virginia K.



Discovered when she and her mum walked into the offices of IMG London last year, Virginia Kiss was signed on the spot – and that’s saying something! With an exotic mix of Bolivian and Hungarian heritage, this girl is a stone cold head turner. Having just spent 3 months working in Singapore, Virginia’s skills are finely honed and she’s ready to be unleashed on the major markets – and with only polaroids available at the moment, she’s already holding options with some major players. Watch out for this Kiss!


Full Name:
Virginia Kiss

176 cm / 5’9.5″
81 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
June 28


Mother Agency:
IMG London

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  • kic


  • aaaa

    loving the fifth one, but she’s not one of the unique. she’s only a simply beauty. wish her luck

  • stacy

    Stunning! Beautiful face and perfect height. Love Hungarian beauties, well done to her I’m sure she will make it big in the modelling industry.

  • i like pose of posture body……very natural face…awesome model from european….nice 2 meet u virgina k

  • han

    “Discovered when she and her mum walked into the offices of IMG London”… Well – that’s not really being ‘discovered’ is it? I call that ‘knowing you’re beautiful and requesting a modelling contract’.
    I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (the girl is stunning), but it’s not really being discovered.

  • Nora

    everyone, say hi to the new emily didonato!

  • amaya

    Gorgeous! She looks like a doll!

  • amazing face…great features

    I can def see her doing some big campaigns



  • martin

    I fell in love…

  • erika

    God, what a stunner!! Amazing eyes & lips!

  • wooow

  • also the name is interesting… :)

  • Garrett

    Not only is she gorgeous, she seems to have great body language in front of the camera!

  • hammy

    Hungarian girls are the best!! (Barbara Palvin, Eniko Mihalik too)

  • angel

    nothing special and new. I don’t see so much beauty. looks so fragile

  • Linda, you’re beautifull! I hope you will be succesful as a model.

  • Linda, you’re beautifull! I hope you will be succesful as a model.

  • Wow! Incredible face, amazing body. She definitely has heaps of potential.

  • kitkat

    Love at first sight. She’s hot and beautiful. She has something similar going on as Miranda Kerr (they don’t look alike though). She is definitely unique as a model. She stands out from the overwhelming mandroid model population. After all, many of the models we deem “unique” are actually just starving plain janes.

  • G.Natan

    Rich Face, remember Monica Belucci with air Megan Fox

  • sandeep


  • I have had the pleasure of working with Virginia Kiss…
    She is the most stunningly beautiful girl…
    See my website
    Simon Hadler

  • Al Martinez

    She is abeutifull she will have much opportunities in the life congratuletion

  • Francoise LEROUX

    typical pretty girl, to me she doesn’t really stand out… NEXT!

  • Neea

    She is so pretty. She kinda looks like Lisa Ruocco.

  • she is a very beautiful and pretty girl. . . . .

  • chic du jour

    BEEEAAAUTTTTYYYY!!! she will be major!

  • Pleasing Taste To The Eyes,
    With Beauty To Explore.

  • K

    Angelina Jolie, anyone?

  • HH

    Oh my so beautiful!! Go Kiss!!

  • Virginia is great!

  • Nice!

  • Striking beauty. Please send her to NY!!


  • Maria teresa

    Beautiful, just a beautiful girl !!!!! stunning !!!!!

  • Fruzsi

    we were in the same class in primary school, for eight years :) and she’s beautiful i love her <3

  • sandra

    she’s really nice…how old is she? does someone know it?

  • Vanesa

    She’s Bolivian and so am i…. that gives me hope hahaha she’s stunning.