Daily Duo: Philipp L.



Born and raised in Germany, and educated in the USA for a couple of years, Philipp was signed by m4 Models while he was checking out universities in the city of Hamburg. Philipp’s dark looks are sculptural and unforgettable. Perfectly honed body, soulful eyes, a lush pout and an iconic profile add up to one incredible model package! Philipp exudes calm, sensuality and maturity, which is very impressive, as he has just graduated from secondary school! Whether it be runway or editorial, this German newcomer is a show stopper.


Full Name:
Philipp LukiƩ

186 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Koblenz, Germany

Date of Birth:
February 11


Mother Agency:
m4 models

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  • N.N.

    well, he has a great posture and bone structure, but there is no soul in his eyes. just saying. otherwise, I think he has the potential. ^^

  • juliegris

    Wowww, what a gorgeous smile!

  • sam

    Nice body. But he has the same expression in every shots. He also need to lighten up his eyes, it looks like he’s very sleepy.

  • I really want to be a model myself – but I get worried because there’s such a lack of black model. Especially males. But this gives me hope.

  • Matimus

    I say cut the hair. He looks a little bored, no? Gorgeous bone structure.

  • Wow, his bone structure is perfection, and his skin tone makes everything complete. He’s definitely got THE LOOK! All the best to him.


  • nerena

    i with agree N.N…. a little Tyra Banks lesson in smizezing and this boy will be a star :)

  • ROB

    He has an amazing bone structure and an amazing body. I see big potential in him. Best of luck!

  • mademoiselle

    HE’S SERIOUSLY beautiful

  • ford

    sculptural facial features indeed!

  • layla

    I don’t even understand how someone can be this beautiful.

  • He’s absolutely gorgeous, and his body is incredible. I’m not so in love with his hair, but that can be worked on. When you see beauty like this, it really hits you how nearly invisible black male models are. It’s really scandalous, and sad.

  • sascha

    He’s soo special and soo unique with his whole look. Especially his face, I mean I’ve never seen someone with a dark skin color and such strong bone structures, that’s unique enough. I see much potential ;)

  • bone structure and THE BODY !!! <3

  • angel

    I don’t like his bone structure. I find him rather average, nothing spectacular. his face, profile and eyes are normal. And his body is perfect?

  • Awesome…look at his amazing skin tone!

  • Gwen

    I. Love. Him.

  • for me the best pictures are 6th and 10th

  • stripedman201

    The Cheek Bones… Jesus Christ O_O… They’re gorgeous

  • God is with you! :) <3 :D

  • Hana

    That first picture is so grace jones lol His skin is so yummy and what a bone structure!

  • Kimmy

    His bone structure and body are absolutely perfect. If he just works on putting some life in his eyes, and gets a new hair cut I could see him going very far.

  • This guy. Wauw.