Daily Duo: Charissa



Sun-kissed South African Charissa kickstarted her career after leaving the family farm and heading to the bright lights of Cape Town. Signed to Ice Model Management, Charissa was soon shooting for notable national publications like Elle and Marie Claire, and was recently placed with Why Not in Milan and Viva in Paris and London. With her flawless face, can-do attitude and body perfect for lingerie and swimwear, Charissa is shaping up to be one of those rare girls who can easily switch back and forth between high fashion and commercial.


Full Name:
Charissa Du Plessis

176 cm / 5’9.5″
86 cm / 34″
60 cm / 23.5″
91 cm / 36″

Place of Origin:
Bloemfontein, South Africa

Date of Birth:
October 27


Mother Agency:
Ice Model Management

Viva Model Management

Why Not Model Management

Viva London

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    I wish she was just that little bit taller, then I think she could cover more markets successfully.

  • aaaa

    Photoshopped! last 4 images are her real real skin, not those lighter ones! but great edited

  • wow really like her “martha graham” images.

  • troy

    @ aaaa – of course the images are photoshopped, they’re professional photographs! The last 4 are polaroids!

    Gorgeous girl, looks like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

  • GP

    She is a bit thick for my liking but she is gorgeous.

  • sascha

    What a beauty! It’s unbelieveable how beautiful & stunning she is – she’s a star!

  • Erika

    She looks so much like Charlize Theron in the last shots with the black tank top. Gorgeous girl.

  • N.N.

    she’s so fresh to look and I love it. moreover, she knows how to move in front of camera. ^^

  • Samanta

    wow) what a hottie! she is great! she has potential, who cares about her height when she is that good!

  • Elmerane

    Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stunningly beautiful girl.

  • wow!!!

  • Angel

    beautiful and nice, but she isn’t a very charismatic beauty, is not the bomb.

  • kitkat

    she’s getting the same start as candice swanepoel and you know what happened to her..

    love it

  • Renee

    Since when is 5’9.5 not in the clearing? That’s a perfect height for a model. Anywhere between 5’8-5’11 is perfect in my opinion. She has great potential! But I don’t see her in the high fashion market, maybe more swim/commercial.

  • macaroon

    she is not short. 5’9.5″ is not short. and you can see it in her proportions. her legs aren’t karlie kloss long. but she has long proportions–a long neck etc.

  • Sam

    So beautiful. She is a money maker!

  • evr


  • G.Natan

    Remember a brazilian model, Gracie Wink

  • Valerie

    She is ok buh do u guys don’t know dere re gals dat re 6’2 buh not into modellin

  • cindy

    She’s thick?
    Wish she was taller?
    She’s not for high fashion?
    Are you guys looking at the same photos I am? She’s perfect to me!

  • sara

    wow !!!

  • Gwen

    She. Is. Gorgeous. Omg!!!!

  • Dad

    Me and Mom think you are amazing. Concour Europe my love.

  • HH

    oh my God I love her!! She has a really outdoorsy look,free and wild.Same time she looks high fashion.love her!

  • paul

    she has sexappeal

  • Duchy

    She is a star in the making…just simply stunning!

  • Alwyn

    Asemrowend! Show the world how a Bloemfonteiner does things :)

  • Your eyes are what pulls your whole look together!

  • Wow!

  • Beautiful!