A finalist as a dancer on “Serbia’s Got Talent”, Filip was contacted by agency Fox Models after the show finished and got signed immediately. Lithe, elegant and strikingly handsome, Filip is brand new. A graduate of classical ballet school and about to graduate from university (where he studies Biology) in September, from then on Filip intends to concentrate on his model career. A fantastic profile, intense blue eyes and strong brows are reminiscent of fashion favourite Nicholas Hoult, but we’re all about this boy. Yes, we’re flippin’ for Filip!


Full Name:
Filip Timotijevic

189 cm / 6’2.5″

Place of Origin:
Belgrade, Serbia

Date of Birth:
October 27


Mother Agency:
Fox Models

Joy Models

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  • Ali

    Looks like Nicholas Hoult in some shots.

  • How come this kid is not the model of the week?!!!

  • Erika

    Incredibly handsome kid….. i think a different, shorter haircut would bring out his wonderful features more.

  • lovely features- the haircut doesn’t suit him though. He should either cut it off or grow it longer. He should also work on some other expressions & devoting more for each photo.

  • He shares my name – and his birthday is one day before mine! WOW!

  • Annie

    I’m looking at my ‘Model OF The Week’! He’s gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

  • Sam

    Well-Deserved !!

  • Angel

    Nothing special. And his polaroids…? Model or dancer?

  • N.N.

    nice hairstyle, stunning soft eyes, and remarkable look. well, he’s ready for his job. ^^

  • Sebastien

    good but need a haircut

  • Mena

    And Serbia again! :D Are all Serbians beautiful or what?

  • tuba

    AHA! n amazing guy too! he’s Noble n cool , eyes r amazing but i wish he were thinner

  • andrew

    ^ His body is perfect as is.

  • Giane

    a quiff would look really good on him… and maybe a platinum silver to compliment his eyes