Malibu darling Gigi began her modelling career working for Baby Guess. But those days are long behind her, as Gigi has graduated from the kids division and is now ready to put her own brand of grown up, angelic beauty to work. An accomplished equestrian (her horse is named Trendy) and an outside hitter with the varsity volleyball team, we expect nothing less than the best from this high achiever. Signed to IMG NY, Gigi is ready to go-go!


Full Name:
Gigi Hadid

178 cm / 5’10”
86 cm / 34″
63 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Malibu, California, USA

Date of Birth:
April 23


Mother Agency:

  • aaaa

    the only thing that is memorable about her is her stunning wild eyes!

  • Holland

    Veel succes GIGI!
    Her mother is DUTCH!

  • Erika

    Obviously beautiful, but I’m just seeing mostly California blonde… would be interesting to see her with a shorter, edgy haircut to show off the killer cheekbones & full lips.

  • She’s going to be HUGE!

  • Sebastien

    American beauty

  • She is nice!

  • Samanta

    breathtaking girl.

  • amazinggg

  • Gorgeous eyes, nice full lips, and that second picture is breathtaking.

  • Dutch

    Pretty girl
    Her mother = Dutch & her father = Arabian
    I hope she is going to be a great model… good look GIGI!
    Greetings from HOLLAND!

  • beautiful girl, wish you all the best, Gigi!

  • Amazing lips,beautiful hair and I love her soft shaped face.Gigi reminds me of a young Kate Moss,so a massive future.Good luck..

  • kitkat

    I love her! She looks different from many of the girls out there right now.

  • miguel

    She’s cute, but her eyebrows and eyelids don’t favor her face.

  • Naomi

    love, she’s stunning

  • N.N.

    with that beautiful face, she’s absolutely a model. she’ll look great in Guess and Boss. ^^

  • LilY

    Pretty, But I only see her working in LA nothing special.

  • valerian

    She’s an exotic American blonde, something I haven’t seen since Hannah Holman. Hopefully she get’s good management at IMG

  • IMG?! What?! Why? I never doubt their choices, every girl they choose to manage goes places – so we’ll see.

  • HH

    Simply exotic looking. Totally can see her in Guess! Her last name..? maybe she has eastern blood

  • esther G

    I’m really liking her look! Exotic, yet timeless!

  • tuan

    i think she has a bright future :)

  • Vick

    She’s very beautiful

  • The girl is gorgeous and I’m sure she’ll make it. If she doesn’t? I’m sure she’ll be just fine.. But she will.
    She must be dedicated to this!! I hope her wishes come true!! I’d like to see her more often :)

  • This is the one #2, that makes her stand out from just about anyone!! Amazing eyes!!
    I hope she’s ready to be judged at this age. Something tells me she’s been a pampered & sheltered child.
    I think she’ll do great!! Just take criticism, if it comes, and move on!! Be confident and you’ll be an Angel soon!!

  • Terrah

    Gorgeous! She’s going to be huge! Arabian and Dutch, I want to be that breed of human being they are beautiful!

  • noodi

    stunning face i could look at it forever . the second picture is the best . she could go really far and i love the fact that she’s arabian and dutch! thats amazing

  • noodi

    definitely a fan all the way

  • Chris

    Been a fan and she’s a star now! 5’10 is pushing it a bit though.

  • Paul Holman

    The models have it going on, Keep up the good work.