Daily Duo: Henrik W.



Henrik was scouted by an agent from Stockholmsgruppen at last summer’s Peace & Love festival in Borlänge during a performance of Swedish band the Sounds. Now signed with Fashion Milan, it sounds like Henrik might be music to our ears. He is totally new and apart from appearing in the video “Nights You Crave” (the boys of Fashion Milan by Livia Alcade), we believe that Henrik’s best is yet to come.


Full Name:
Henrik W.

184 cm / 6’0.5″

Place of Origin:
Landskrona, Sweden

Date of Birth:
October 25


Mother Agency:


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  • Ali

    Classic Scandanavian look, tbh this look is the mass-model male look so he’ll do well.

  • Love his laugh

  • Stunning. Already in love with him.

  • John

    Wow. An amazing face, great eyes!

  • Trista

    Why is this man with all the girls pics instead of the boys?

  • N.N.

    he has the potential to be a model. just need more practicing, he’ll be a great model. ^^

  • David

    Handsome chap, of course, but he’s in the wrong section. Dude does not look like a lady!

  • tuba

    sweet eyes , gud bone structure n cool appareance – liked it

  • Remo

    He reminds me a bit of Nikola Jovanovic, which is nice. Although I’m not quite sure if the fashion industry needs another Nikola.

  • Prada boy! Or Commes Des Garcons. I can already see it.

  • harlow

    his nipples are tiny!

  • Nice smile.. And pout.. :)