Daily Duo: Catalina



Catalina has scored quite a few firsts since being scouted in her hometown of Bucaramanga, Colombia – she’s the first Colombian model to sign with IMG, and the first Colombian model to be featured on models.com. Catalina’s exotica is a stand out – from her smoldering brown eyes to her sensual mouth and down to her super elegant long legs, this girl is nothing short of caliente. Totally in love with fashion, Catalina is excited to open up the way for future generations of gorgeous Colombian models. As for us, we’re excited to see plenty more of Catalina, of Colombian models, and gorgeous kids of the world at large!


Full Name:
Catalina LLanes

178 cm / 5’10”
81 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Bucaramanga, Colombia

Date of Birth:
August 8


Mother Agency:
Portfolio International (Colombia)


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London

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  • troy

    wow wow wow! pure sex, what a gorgeous girl

  • eyeseeyouinparis

    Exquisite beauty.
    I can see her work for Givenchy right now.

  • Wow..Amazing lips.Catalina looks so sultry and sensual,she scares me as a man..Beautiful hair too,suits her long.Big future.

  • elven

    holy mother of god! Abbey lee kershaw dipped in latin sauce!

  • marc

    love her !!

  • elo


  • jake

    the first photo is the only one that really sells me on her – its incredibly beautiful. her legs are killer too

  • Viva Colombia!!

    now let’s hope for Venezuela to step up!

    too many misses


  • Erika

    OMG what a beauty…. see lots of resemblance b/w Brazilians & these colombians… go South America!!

  • She’s awesome. Super skinny, latin look but so international. Totally suits IMG board. Go Catalina!!!

  • Albert D

    Very beautiful at last a new latin model to look forward. Good choice

  • Pedro Chadid

    She is so HOT, amazing and so sexy!

  • andres

    Stunning, a whole country is proud of her right now!

  • Great look!

  • rare

  • I am from Bucaramanga, living in Canada. I am so excited and happy to see a girl from my hometown in models.com and working with IMG. I think model scouts have a new generation of Colombian beauties ready to be taken to the next level. The country has changed economically so more investors are exploring the possibilities in that area, and thats why more fresh and talented people like Shakira, Sofia Vergara and Catalina are coming out from the shadows. Colombian beauties…..our new best export!

  • miguel

    She’s cute but already. I don’t see nothing special. I don’t like…

  • ala


  • layla

    Wow. serious hotness. Has both commercial and editorial appeal.

  • Courtney White

    She is so beautiful, but also so versatile. The makings of a good model

  • Хорошенькая :)

  • Marcello

    OMG Amazing AMAZING Amazing! …I think that they must search girls of exotic features and not the classic and boring blonde of blue eyes..The scourters must go to Latin-American agencys in countries as Colombia or Panama where there is leather women cinnamon a totally exotic and different beauty

  • karlos yoh

    really amazing… congrants cata

  • Aiste

    Wow WoW most beautiful girl

  • She`s beautiful and a great model. want to see a digital mag from Colombia? featuring models, music, fashion, from all over, including Local Colombian Beauties. Visit http://slangmag.com mad love for models.com

  • Bcool

    She is adorable!
    I cannot wait to see what she can do in editorials!

  • smoldering eyes, lean body, angular face

  • She’s ok, as Latin myself, I’ve seen tons better. IMG should go scouting at the Miss Universe pageant, there they will find lost more!!!

  • MiicHelle real

    It’s about time Colombia’s beauty is being showcased. This is a fine representation of the many things Colombia has to offer.

  • It’s about time Colombia’s beauty is being showcased. This is a fine representation of the many things Colombia has to offer.

  • Too Soft, Too Commercial, Yet Still Interesting.

  • worque

    she looks so… expensive…

  • sasnak


  • ZOoey

    P e r f e c t i o n . No words; she is almost *too* good. Legs, eyes, mouth, hair, skin, AHHRRRGGG too amazing:3

  • aaaa

    without the black and white effect she’s pretty average, but great body and lovely jaw line and cheekbones are splendid.

  • gogo


  • D

    She’s looks fantastic!

  • alessafan

    this is amazing! The first colombian girl signed with IMG!! that makes me so proud being Colombian! go Catalinaaa!

  • Samanta

    I have to write something here ! She is Amazing. Her legs are ideal, she is very cute and very sexy! Incredible shape for sure! Pretty face, sexy lips , these brown eyes are miraculous… I am very impressed! Go Catalina ! Linda Linda Linda Linda LINDA LINDA LINDA! <3

  • R

    YES FOR COLOMBIA ! Cant wait to see you in campaigns

  • sascha

    that’s a model, babe!

  • helena polowski

    she reminds me of Juana from NYM

  • HH

    at first I think she looks cute..not model material. But then 3rd pic shows up..OMG she’s amazing! Super young face and oh, look at those abs and legs!

  • gorg…

  • carlo moreno

    que bien por cata, eres genial y de mi tierra colombia, bucaramnga

  • eric


  • Marty

    BOUT TIME! there’s always models from Argentina and Brazil, scout forget about all the other wonderful countries in South America.

  • maria

    She looks nativeamerican which is good; u don’t see that at all in runways

  • N.N.

    I love her big hair, but her face is so unique. she will be hit the modeling with that new look. ^^

  • dave

    wow ! she is a super model in my country and the world… great job !

  • C.

    Givenchy Girl indeed! Gorgeous! <3

  • C.

    Givenchy Girl indeed! So Gorgeous! <3


  • CAmille

    me gustA!!!

  • yeaaaayyyyyy my cata in here. i am so proud of you my dear.
    i know your pictures was made in jakarta.indonesia last year.
    i gonna miss you cata!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I met Cata at the Colombiamoda Fashion Show in 2010 and the best thing about her is that she is very down to earth and genuinely friendly. In the midst of the fashion chaos we spoke about the advantages of being bilingual. Awesome and intelligent girl. Congrats Cata!!

  • Hana

    Wayyy stunning. A little commercial but she is soo young and she’ll learn a lot going abroad. Hope she makes it!