Scouted in the summer of 2010 by stylist Daria Radilinski and photographer Shannon Sinclair, Long Island lovely Marc has been working consistently for brand Opening Ceremony. Now signed to Boss Models NY, Marc has shot for Japanese Nylon and has the attention of a major US designer. About to embark on an internship at a prestigious Paris-based fashion house, Marc will be based in France for the summer, and where better for a handsome waif to get serious about his modelling career?


Full Name:
Marc Sebastian Faiella

186 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Long Island, NY, USA

Date of Birth:
November 1


Mother Agency:
Boss Models-NY

Ford Models Europe

  • Erika

    I swear I don’t mean to be rude & in civilian terms, Marc is good looking…. but model?? Why is he here?

  • claude simard

    The first picture, with the black & blue shirt is the best: real modeling…to me. Thanks.

  • Rachel


  • B. Corvo

    Love Him! So skinny and cool.

  • Ells

    beautiful, simply stunning

  • Marc is amazing to work with and just needs to get some more experience- he is capable of doing so many things.

  • daria

    just another skinny hipster!

  • Antonio

    his face is okay, but to be honest his body is really not appealing. overall, not very modelesque :/

  • Michael Russo

    Marc has a jawline sharp enough to cut a b–ch, cheekbones to high to hear the hate, and more bookings than a jail so keep up the chit chat its making him famous <3

  • Steve

    While I find him cute, he is not really modelesque. He is skinny, true, but has very wide hips which cause his proportions to be off-kilter. Definitely qualified to model for his employer, Opening Ceremony, but not as a mainstream model. One last thing, find him way to feminine also.

  • Adriana

    Huge jaw. Wow. I don’t see him as much of a model.

  • harlow

    he’d be more interesting with tatts, thats not a good compliment either

  • lucy

    Lovely bone structure

  • Pierre

    To responde to the first person’s comment to wy is Marc here? Because he opened and closed Lanvin S/S 2013. That is why he is here and many more great things to come from this boy.

  • Vera

    Skinny, good looking and natural. I just love him!