Daily Duo: Roel



Scouted in the old town of Stockholm, Roel is quite the enigma – quiet, a little shy and very studious. Oh yes, and one other thing – extraordinarily beautiful. Androgynous for sure, but Roel is magic and so alive in his shots. With editorial out for Contributor magazine and The Ones2Watch, and a campaign for Cheap Monday, Roel hasn’t yet worked outside of Sweden but his presence is mesmerising. This mysterious, literature-loving man is sure to captivate discerning clients and casting agents internationally. Sensitive yet masculine, Roel deserves the royal treatment.


Full Name:
Roel Rosén

186 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth:
April 6


Mother Agency:
Nisch Management

Nathalie Models

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  • rn

    wow androgynous…but andrej was the best…

  • I absolutley love Roel! He has the best personality and I don’t think anyone has missed that he is beautiful!

  • Now this is girl I really want to see around…very interesting


  • Erika

    No way… Andrej is king! Roel is not pretty enough to meet that standard.

  • ariadne

    He kind of reminds me of Axl Rose. I believe he’ll go far

  • yvon

    you are so amazingly masculine yet beautiful

  • Eite

    Picture number 3: Guineveere van Seenus look-a-like……

    You guys agree?

  • Juli Molnar

    Absolutely WOW, will soon give Andrej a run for his money!

  • Linda

    VERY attractive! Love your photos! I wish you the best of luck, it’s a hard field… last week I was told I have to loose a couple of more inches, OMG there’s almost nothing left of ME.

  • matsu

    OMG i thought he’s a girl at first & only realized as i ventured further the other pics of him. WOW he’s so androgynous! Although i have to say Andrej is still the king but Roel is not that bad! And i agree too with the Guineveere van Seenus look-a-like :D

  • Joe

    Extraordinarily beautiful .

  • Joe

    He looks like a really mysterious beautiful elf from the Lord of the Rings !

  • harlow

    I like him, though i do like andrej more though.

  • miguel

    terrible photos. Nothing exceptional.

  • ffiend

    He is quite lovely & has a sorta rock n roll edge that adds some masculinity to his sexy as fuck androgynous-ness.


  • Emilia Burgos

    He has a great glance!

  • nini

    does anyone still like men…cause i dont think that he looks like a man…modeling bussines needs female and male models…not mixed