Daily Duo: Graham



Manchester man of the moment Graham comes from a city steeped in history – home of the Smiths, Joy Division, Man U football and, of course, the brothers Gallagher. But this kid is in a league of his own. Scouted by Boss Model Management and signed by Nevs London, Graham has a sculptural beauty that can’t be ignored. Since London fashion week, Graham has shot for Super Super Magazine, Attitude and GQ Style. We think that discovering Graham might just be up there with splitting the atom (another major historical event in Manchester!).


Full Name:
Graham Scaife

183 cm / 6’0″

Place of Origin:
Manchester, UK

Date of Birth:
November 20


Mother Agency:
Boss Model Management


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  • jake


  • sascha

    He has to work on his eyes and mimic.

  • He looks great with lots of potential.

  • helena polowski

    gosh he is fine!!!!

  • Looks like UK has been producing some really good male models over the last few years. Striking yet beautiful features. Congrats to you Graham, I wish you success in your career.


  • N.N.

    he’s cool, but not so impressive. just say it. – -v

  • miguel

    nothing exceptional, but he’s very nice.

  • evr

    he looks ready to me!

  • Lee

    OMG someone who isn’t 6’3″ He gives me hope!!!

    Beyond that though I have seen dozens of boys who look just like him in the Bay Area, maybe I should talk to some people to try out modeling…

  • Eamon

    I hope there’s more than one fashion house appropriate for non-white male models..

  • Leandra

    If you like him then please like his fan page on facebook

  • He looks like out of place in every picture…no personality or presence here lads and gents

  • sen

    i think i saw him in pullandbear.com and in the reopening party at pull and bear store in oxford st.

  • I like his haircut.


    yes that was me at pull and bear and on the website…

  • Jan

    Aww Graham, youre adorable. I think you have great potential…

  • Tessa

    Wow, he’s very very handsome, his face cheekbones are to die for.

  • Allure

    He is ALL DAT and More

    Give this guy a chance fashion..
    Love him, yes I dooo

  • Rubiii

    Great model!

  • COco

    I’m finding it quite scary how I can just ell what country the New Faces are from before look at the country in the description, He is great, relly like him and urbanly (if that’s even a word :S) handsome