Daily Duo: Kelsey N.



Sunshine State sweetheart Kelsey was recently signed by Zodiac Mother Management after submitting a few shots. Sporting strong brows, long lashes and big blue eyes, this doll-like beauty emanates innocence and a certain fragility, but Kelsey is anything but delicate – a keen kayaker and snorkeler, she has trekked through the Amazon rainforest and scaled three waterfalls, with never so much as a hair out of place. So brand new she hasn’t been placed yet, this teen adventurer is ready for a challenge.


Full Name:
Kelsey Noyes

177 cm / 5’9.5″
74 cm / 29″
57 cm / 22.5″
84 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Florida, USA

Date of Birth:
January 11


Mother Agency:
Zodiac Mother Management

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  • wow

  • Ali

    She is stand out.

  • fabulous!

  • NEX

    ow, love the eyebrows. remind me of Brooke Shield. ^^

  • ok… this is what i call perfection. One of the best new faces i’ve seen so far in here. Zodiac mother mgmt, you guys got jewels!!!

  • Marty

    American wave.

  • Polina

    She looks like Hilary Rhoda!

  • Erika



    Look at dem’ expensive eyebrows.

  • LISA

    What, is she like 12??

  • xoxo

    She colour of her eyes and her eyebrows are amazing

  • She is perfection. LOVE!

  • Andrew

    She is gonna be a big one!

  • EWA

    strange head to hip ratio- head is too big for such a small body,especially hips.


    Yip, she’s going to make it BIG time.

  • Nes

    WHAT A FACE! I’m getting classic supermodel look reinvented here

  • Mia


  • Chelsea

    I really love her look, but I think she needs to grow into her body a bit.

  • eryk

    Love her eyebrows! Stunning beauty.

  • head looks too big at polas..but she is super beautiful!!!!

  • Sebastien

    Wow interesting. Usually I don’t like heavy eyebrows but this is just amazing

  • tana

    Devon Aoki mixed with behati prisloo :]

  • Robert

    She’s cute. Seems like a catalog girl right off the bat, could be Bambi’s replacement.

  • miguel

    Strange beauty and little interesting. her eyes, mouth and neck are “different”.

  • m

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! the brows! simply amazing

  • adrian

    Absolutely stunning

  • aaaa

    She is of Miranda Kerr and Brooke Shield ++ Barbara Palvin!

  • kevin chau

    just found brand new hilary rhoda ^^

  • ibifaa

    SHES CUTE N sexy too,hoping to work with her soooon

  • All I see is Bambi with a tad twist. Really pretty though!

  • katie

    she is very pretty, her freckles are unique and she shouldn’t cover them.

  • Petermodelobsessed

    Estee Lauder, she will be your Face in 10 years.

  • So interesting and definitely not forgettable.

  • she looks like a porcelain doll :)

  • ShAnnon

    Most interesting and uniquely beautiful. An undiscovered gem. Looking forward to seeing her evolve.

  • ramir

    wow so cute

  • Mark Chartrand

    Stunning face — wonderful body. I like the idea that her head appears a tad large for her body. It draws attention to her face and makes her a little different than most others. She will go far!

  • rachel


  • Katrina

    OMG WOW! I am absolutely speechless. Kelsey is so stunning. She has the most beautiful face and an amazing body! I know her in real life and she is the sweetest girl ever and will most definitely go very very far! Good luck girl! <3

  • Sonny

    The downturned lips just gets me every time. Gorgeous girl, sweet face with a killer fashion body. Can’t wait to see more.

  • ISA

    oh my… now we’re talking about physical beauty! she’s gooooorgeous, stunning.. wow, wow, WOW.

  • Rose

    Vaguely resembles Hayley out of Modern Family, beautiful still.

  • So right to not cover the freckles. As to her body ratios def helps her standout. What I like is the tinge of gawk to her sublime excellence!

  • esther G

    She’s very cute and childlike…overall, very pretty and gorgeous features!

  • HH

    Oh my God she is other worldly and captivating! Plus she’s adventurous..gotta love the combination!

  • M

    Love her! We also have the same birthday :)