Recently signed with Why Not Milan, Liuk was discovered after emailing his photos to the agency – as a joke. But the last laugh is on Liuk, as Why Not loved his very of-the-moment handsomeness. A boy who loves hip hop, US style, travelling and pets, Liuk has incredible cheekbones, almost sculptural ears and moody blue/green eyes, as well as a passion for tattoos. With his laissez-faire, effortless elegance, Liuk is editorial epitomised.


Full Name:
Liuk Bass

Dark Brown
182 cm / 5’11.5″

Place of Origin:
Arese, Italy

Date of Birth:
January 22


Mother Agency:
Why Not Model Management

  • troy


  • Love his bone structure.

  • Gosh! O.O

  • rs


  • Stunning!!! This kid’s looks stop you in your tracks, smack you around and leave you panting for air! What a ferocious on-camera personality!

  • Katy

    He has a bad boy face, that´s hot!!!

  • NEX

    i can see a big potential from himself. with a bit practicing, he’ll be a great model. ^^

  • erika

    yes, he’s a beauty!

  • Mar

    he looks like josh beech

  • amazing!!! i’m loving those new male fresh faces and so does the fashion market! :) i think he’s so London !

  • Rubi

    For a second there, I thought he was Sebastian Sauvé.

  • Ryaad


  • emma

    He looks like sebastian sauvee… but he is beautiful anyway :)

  • Sam

    Look like a mix of Sebastian Sauvé and Leebo Freeman

  • Greg

    It is hard to see it being a joke when the model is this good looking. A joke would be if he would short and overweight and cross eyed.

  • Strong facial structure. reminds of Sebastian Sauve.

  • cindy

    A little bit of Sebastian Sauve I see.

  • Brent

    I Love seeing average height models for a change. Refreshing…

  • zack

    he’s like Sebastian suave if Sebastian was deflated.

  • I think he could easyly be a top model.
    He has a great potential, he is good looking,
    he has a particular face and is fashionable,
    I think famous trade names intended for young people will want him as a model.

  • I think famous trade names intended for young people
    will want him as a model.
    He could become a top model because he has a potential.
    In the future he could become an actor as well.

  • jay-Nigeria

    His good! His gona sale well in the model field…

  • pierre


  • Robert

    Simon Nessman + Sebastian Sauve! The 4th picture did it for me, I need to see on some runways by Men’s SS 13.

  • He’s like MOZAIC of many models… Somehow like Sebastian Sauve.. Somehow like Jamie Wise.. Somehow like.. Maybe Jacob Coupe or Simon Nessman like what people said.. :)

  • Liuk has amazing potential. His features are stunning and versatile.

  • Sam way

    @Brent, 5″11.5 is NOT average height. Average height is somewhere between 5″8-5″9 for men. Only in fashion would he be considered short, where average is around 6″1-6″2.
    However, agencies do bump up models’ heights if they’re on the short side so he could well be 5″9-5″10 in reality.

  • joe

    fantastic face!

  • miguel

    nothing special. his polaroids are h…

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