Daily Duo: Ayanil



Political science fast track graduate Ayanil was signed by Elite LA after submitting her photos via the elitemodel.com website. This Indiana girl (of Lithuanian heritage) was focused on her education up until this point, but now has turned her attentions to the world of fashion. Sexy and yet sweet, Ayanil’s look packs a lot of possibilities, and her agency placements are currently being decided.


Full Name:
Ayanil Mikalonis

178 cm / 5’10”
84 cm / 33″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Indiana, USA

Date of Birth:
January 29


Mother Agency:
Elite LA

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  • wow, unbelievable that this stunner has not been discovered before. she shines!!!

  • Ali

    She has a nice chest

  • matsu

    Very sharp face!

  • I feel like I have seen her face before.


    Love this girl!

  • NEX

    GOSH! her first shot already make me chilling. she is so amazing and I love those unique eyes. totally a model. ^^

  • eg

    She has a “Sissy Spacek”ish going on very interesting

    let’s see how that will traduce in the future

  • O.o

    her eyes r absolutely gorge……….

  • erika

    Nice fashion body but I think her face is rather plain.

  • RRRaul415

    This girl is stunning…makes me wonder if she hadn’t been scouted before Elite found her.

  • scout

    Amazing in the polas!

  • good looking lady.

  • It’s funny that her eyes are quite ‘high’ but she make them smaller too, think she’s beautiful!, but a bit skinny

  • Zita Ndemanu

    She is amazing. I can’t believe she’s from Indiana and she applied for Elite modeling agency in LA. How does that work because I’m thinking of applying to ford models online but I don’t live in New York city, so how would that work?

  • MDM

    Wow, truly stunning (intelligent, elegant and beautiful), a “model” woman! And her unveiling through Elite… is just the beginning. She is the classic example timeless beauty.

  • Great girl, shitty photographs. In the last couple of photos her face looks outstanding, I suggest she gets better photographers to really show off her beauty!


  • HH

    I don’t really like her in the beginning but then I realized what a unique set of eyes she have and I immediately like her.

  • Ayanil

    Instagram @Legally_Basic