Estonia-born Israeli Eric is a pro kite surfer who was discovered last year on the beach in Tel Aviv. Having just finished three years of army service, Eric now comes equipped with a sculpted body and mesmerising thousand yard stare. Not just a pretty boy, Eric’s first job was for Tetu magazine in Paris (soon to be released), but his test shots just ooze major money making potential. Into climbing, skydiving, surfing and hiking, this thrill seeker has the goods to keep us all guessing.


Full Name:
Eric Morzaluk

186 cm / 6’1″

Place of Origin:
Tel Aviv, Israel

Date of Birth:
March 26


Mother Agency:

I LOVE Models Management

New Madison

Kult Model Agency

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  • he has an amazing body and very distinctive features, but he looks more like an action movie hero to me.

  • GP

    oh…he is very gorgeous. Holywood face and body.
    I can see him as a model turns actor.

  • WILL

    :o NICE HA


    really beautiful but not so right to model industry i think!
    but very gorgeous!


    Hmmmm… dont think he is that special, but he is handsome and have a great body for underwear ads

  • NEX

    he has the best jaw I ever seen. and those eyes, they are so sincere. I bet his best market is in commercial. ^^

  • WOW!!!! He is gorgeous! (There are really professional kite surfers?)

  • Julien

    I agree, he’s probably more an actor

  • erika

    Body too muscular for high fashion and very heavy-featured face. I question this choice.

  • nicholas

    Please please please tell me you see Channing Tatum! He give those Brazilian male models a run for their money definitely. It’s been a while.

  • I love this guy

    I love his body hair! It turns me on… It’s nice to see a boy with body hair.

  • joe

    he’d fit right in on the runway for dolce and gabbana

  • another D&G boy.

  • Like GP said, I think he’s more actor type model guy
    Beautiful body!

  • AMAZING GUY ! born to be a model .

    I’m sure he will surprise many :)))

    Beautiful face , perfect body and very rare personality

  • Garrett

    I don’t like him. Great bone structure but too traditional looking. Maybe a Tommy Hilfiger or Chanel guy.

  • Sebastien

    Yes Finally, a model who’s a real man: a hairy chest :)

  • Martina

    This ain’t no fashion

  • Robert

    Dolce & Gabbana anyone?! SAY IT WITH ME.

  • average attractive guy, nothing special.