With a beauty spot and imperfect yet unmistakeable handsomeness, Adrian is a new boy recently signed to Uno Barcelona. Rakishly good looking, Adrian usually spends his time teaching kids football, swimming in the Bay of Biscay, and playing Playstation. But he’s not all gruff maleness – apparently Adrian bakes a killer strawberry cream pie. This is one gallant Galician!


Full Name:
Adrian Ponte Mañana

Dark Brown
190 cm / 6’3″

Place of Origin:
A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Date of Birth:
December 4


Mother Agency:

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  • Eil Sun

    very handsome

  • ALI

    I’m surprised more male models aren’t 6ft3. Seems logical when we have 5ft11-6ft female models in abundance.

  • James Chalky

    Not for me. I also think he is too tall.

  • Julien

    I’m not convinced.. He look a lot like Tony Ward

  • erika

    I’m just not seeing model in his facial features…. good height, though.

  • This guy will go far. Incredible pics, he is very handsome!!!Good luck!!!

  • Love!

  • Seems like Jake G… :)

    And very tall also

  • He’s rather pedestrian looking to me…to each her own.

  • Robert

    @Ali : I totally agree with you! What’s the reason for having 6 foot girls but only 6’1 guys? The difference in height between the sexes in comparsion is beautiful. I love girls like Abbey, Frida, and Karlie because they’re all so tall. I KNOW Jac Jagaciak is 6 feet as well. (I’ve seen her in street style photos with Frida and Jac is somewhat taller). It’s make me worry sometimes for someone like me who wants to be a model, who is 6’3 1/2, but is told male models shouldn’t be that tall.

  • I see Jake Gyllenhaal

  • K

    The nose! He’s intriguing!!!