Daily Duo: Ariane



After winning the Brazilian leg of the Elite Model Look 2011, Ariane went off to China for the international finals, where she came in at a very respectable fourth place. And we can’t resist this Brazilian beauty! With a look that waivers from ingenue to innocent and on through to exotic, Ariane is off to Paris next month to start her international career. So the Brazilian beat goes on…


Full Name:
Ariane de Vasconcelos

180 cm / 5’11”
83 cm / 32.5″
64 cm / 25.5″
85 cm / 33.5″

Place of Origin:
São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth:
February 9


Mother Agency:
Elite Brazil

Ford Models


Elite Milan

Elite London

Elite Barcelona

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  • Lio

    A exotic and sweet beauty. And I love her hair :P

  • sibille

    wow…. those eyes, cute nose and mouth, and this insanely perfect body!! she’s gonna be a star

  • kre


  • Edge

    strong beauty!

  • Zack

    i need to take a trip to brazil

  • Lisa

    Why are there never any petite models?

  • Elizabeth

    Really? There’s nothing unique about this girl. I mean, yeah, she’s a pretty girl; I just don’t see how she won.

  • Amamamamama

    She is cute, but I don’t see her going far. Shes kind of commercial

  • Ariane has a delicate look that really suits her well. Very unique, but at the same time, she has a versatile look that will help her in commercial work as well. :)


  • erika

    All I can say is Wow!!

  • karen

    SHE IS Stunning i love her hair. but i agree with @lisa Why are there never any petite models? a girL with 1.61 ( 5’4″) can’t be A MODEL???

  • Gemma

    What beautiful features she has, and that figure!

  • matsu

    I agree though with the comment commercial. somehow i find her quite special though! delicate features!

  • NEX

    she is sweet and lovely. she has an unique face, but I can’t see her as a high fashion model.

  • Leonardo

    Ariane is still a baby, but she has incredible potential and have that healthy look that enchants me.

  • HH

    Memorable face but not so incredible

  • Friedrich

    Ariane isn’t sweet and doll like, but a truly charismatic beauty, covering aspects from timid to aristocratic in her images. Her body couldn’t be more perfect and I share Leonardo’s opinion, that she has an incredible potential.

  • Mihu

    She’s very cute and sweet but really, there are millions of girls which look like this in Brazil (I’m brazilian myself). So in that sense, she’s not standing out for me. The one thing which definitively gives her a great value as a model is being so tall (and slim), what I think seems to be over evaluated these days …

  • Sara

    This is how i imagine true beauty, she’s insanely beautiful.