Daily Duo: Dalianah



On the advice of a friend, Dalianah visited Traffic Models in Barcelona, and in just a few short months, this newcomer has stirred up a wave of interest. Dalianah’s sun-kissed beauty is a genetic blessing from Spanish/Mauritian parents. Already a veteran of the Custo Barcelona campaign, this girl with the startlingly blue-green eyes is now on exclusive option for a major designer in the upcoming Paris shows. Dalianah plus ultra!


Full Name:
Dalianah A.

179 cm / 5’10.5″
83 cm / 32.5″
62 cm / 24.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Santander, Spain

Date of Birth:
February 23


Mother Agency:
Traffic Models

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  • jackie

    I like her eyes, so pretty. she reminds me of noemie lenoir.

  • Ali

    She actually looks healthy, not the classic emaciated look.

    Her eyes are intense.

  • Sbrady

    She is almost too beautiful.

  • Her eyes are striking and mesmerizing! Love her face!

  • me

    The photo of her in the blue shirt is breathtaking.

  • Eil Sun

    wooohh..relax if you want that top..next it

  • Denis

    Wow, she is realy gorgeous. I can see her as angel of Victoria Secrets

  • Elena MP

    She reminds me of Alejandra Alonso; it’s unbelievable how they’re so alike!
    I think this girl has more potential than Alejandra,
    Best of luck to her <3

  • BEBE

    In the first photo the complement of skin tone and eyes reminds me of beautiful Yamila Diaz Rahi.

  • Enikő

    She is absolutely gorgeous!I agree,her eyes are striking,like Elisabet Taylor eyes.

  • subnormal magazine

    she looks perhaps also part African American or part Indian…very pretty unique look


    you my love are very exotic , sexy , beautiful and have a great carrieer infront of you ! happy valintines day !
    love always your friend and fan, midas

  • christian

    well it says one of her parents is from mauritania in the info
    which means shes part “african” not “african american” persay..but im sure there are similarities…lol
    anyway the people from mauritania usually fall between a black african look and a berber arab maghreb look. i can see that in her features

    shes extremely shockingly beautiful

  • Unique look, but her eyes seem a bit dead to me. She should work on portraying more energy in her photos. She should also work on her poses.


  • evr


  • Jens

    I think she emotes well, she’s cute.

  • rn

    whose the male model at custobarcelona photo”gorgeous

  • Lio

    Tan skin with green/blue eyes. Love this combination!

  • Allan

    I’m in love <3. Very gorgeous girl. Best of luck to her.

  • gianni

    very special, a new refreshing beautiful face!!
    i´m in love with this girl!!

  • Nicole

    Love her body. Love her eyes. She’s perfect! What a nice change from the usual girl.

  • Conozco a Dalianah personalmente y lo espectacular del todo es que es tan linda por dentro que lo que se ve por fuera,me ha encantado todo el reportaje y desde que les conozco siempre pensé que era alguien especial la combinación perfecta de educación,dulzura y una belleza espectacular,me he emocionado Dalianah tiene un angel.

  • L

    She looks a lot like Adriana Lima!