Daily Duo: Rui



Wang Rui (aka Kevin) is the embodiment of boyish charm. Discovered by a local scout in his hometown Chengdu, and then later introduced to his mother agency by model Rita Gao, Rui has conquered the local Chinese fashion market. Clients are crazy about this fun loving, basketball playing fashion fanatic, and he’s already been flown in twice to Beijing for GQ China. China has an enormous demand for fashion, but Rui has set his sights on the international markets. With his great profile and somewhat softer beauty, the Year of the Dragon is going to be a busy one for Rui.


Full Name:
Wang Rui (Kevin)

188 cm / 6’2″

Place of Origin:
Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Date of Birth:
November 19


Mother Agency:
Cal-Carries Models


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  • GP

    Pretty face. He is more look like an actor then model. all the best!!

  • sylvia


  • jake

    love the first photo but that is the only one i love

  • sB

    Good looking guy. Definitely has that star quality!

  • Rui is with Cal-Carries in Shanghai. He has a great personality and everyone adores him. He is currently very busy working in Shanghai & Beijing as a model and we can’t wait to see what awaits him in the future.

    For further inquires, please email: felix@cal-carries.com

  • matsu

    his looks quite atypical chinese! amazing! quite spectacular :D

  • sascha

    Wow, he actually doesn’t look so Chinese, but that’s positive. He’s really handsome.

  • W

    he has this thing called Beautiful

  • erika

    Beautiful Asian boy!

  • Ade

    Very good looking. He should leave his name the way it is. I can’t count the number of Asians I know named Kevin.

  • MM

    He looks great. He’s definitely a pretty boy and there was a comment about he doesn’t look Chinese but that’s a good thing. That is so rude. I’m chinese and I take that as a great insult. That person is ugly inside and probably out too. Whether he or she meant most Chinese are ugly or not, he/she shouldn’t have chosen his/her words better. Sui He, Liu Wen, Du Juan are all supermodels and they are Chinese!!! These people are more beautiful than this person will ever be!!!

  • dupont

    I like his name

  • Vincent

    Wow, he actually doesn’t look so Chinese, but that’s positive. He’s really handsome.

    Are u blind??? Of course he looks Asian and is all the more beautiful for it.I have lived in Asia for 2 years and have seen some of the most beautiful beings God ever laid his hand to. It absolutely confounds me that after all we have been exposed to through movies, internet, television and musicality that people would still make such close minded and ignorant statements.

    I am an ex model of mixed ethnic parentage,white British and Caribbean and I have had the honor to travel the world and learn about the various cultures of the people that inhabit these places.

    I have seen incredible beauty everywhere and learned that underneath it all we are all just vulnerable creatures going through the “human condition” and trying to survive. In the end we are all Gods children and only unity, open mindedness, love and respect will help us move forward as humans certainly not prejudice, small minds and divisiveness.

  • amanda

    MM AND Vincent…..hallelloo!!!!!

  • Robert

    He looks like an Asian version of Jacob Coupe.

  • ornella

    I think i’m on love

  • I saw his editorial on GQ china Feb 2012 issue!

  • M

    All the comments suggesting that he doesn’t look “typically Chinese” are pretty inaccurate, because Rui has a fairly typical mainland Chinese face. The modelling industry is just obsessed with small-featured Chinese models, and frankly most Chinese people don’t find them attractive at all.