OMG, Robbie was scouted at a Rihanna concert – really! First spotted by us last year with longer locks, all it took was a trip through the “Modelulator” to transform Robbie from cute into killer. A certified scuba diver and trainee lifeguard, this Toronto native is still in development with his mother agency Elite Toronto, but it won’t be long until he’s swimming with the big fish.


Full Name:
Robbie Beeser

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth:
January 28


Mother Agency:
Elite Toronto

New York Model Management

Nathalie Models

  • ramir

    i love his eyes and his lips

  • Sebastien

    Gorgeous,, reminds me a bit of arthur sales

  • GP

    Cheeky smile:)

  • Julian

    100 cm? quite short :D I like his face :)

  • matsu

    Yea i agree too i love his eyes & lips! whats with the height 100cm equivalent to 6’1?? 100cm is ridiculously short lol!

  • What a beautifully structured face, sensual features and brooding intelligent eyes! This kid def. has a Spark!

  • w0krestaurant

    u should probably change his height it says 100 cm :P

    • My bad! Accurate height now up.

  • Another young model that needs to work on his expressions. But so far, looking decent.

  • Lisaaaaa

    LOL he’s 100 cm?

  • Mary

    Very handsome model, and he have beautiful eyes.

  • He is MAJOR!

  • me

    I love those triangles on his shoulder blades

  • evr


  • Nice features..

  • abby Nguyen

    damn hot !!!!!

  • India

    Wonderful features. CANNOT wait to see more of him!

  • sascha

    he’s amazing!! btw: both ‘daily models’ are amazing. good job.

  • Roger

    beautiful boy

  • claude simard


  • Wow, he’s perfect for modeling.. !

  • holland

    omg, he’s seriously beautiful. his eyes are full of mystery <3 cant believe you found him at a rihanna concert!!!

  • NEX

    great mellow eyes! ^^

  • His eyes looks adorable.. :))

  • tuba

    i thnk he must be famous as francisco lachowski , omg he s gorgeous

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